• Telephone conversation rules

    A telephone is an integral part of our life. We always carry it with us, forgetting mobile homes, very much. A telephone is no longer just an accessory, it is a communication tool that allows you to always be up to date with the latest news. On average, we spend per day on conversations from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the person and his work. But, unfortunately, not every person in our country knows at least the minimum rules for a telephone conversation.

    How many times in my life I have heard annoying, annoying telephone conversations, not even to count. I especially remember the “sweet” girl with whom I had to go on the train for 3 hours. All this time she was talking loudly on the phone.

    I was aware of all the details of her intimate life over the past week, I knew about her relationship with her parents, about the guy she changed. I absolutely did not need this information. I feel uncomfortable listening to other people's conversations, about my personal life. But those who cordially speak on the phone about everything in a row, knowing that a number of dozens of ears, feel fine and not at all embarrassed.

    I, unfortunately, are surrounded by people for whom chatter on the phone takes 5 hours.Sincerely sorry that our people do not know the basic principles of telephone etiquette.

    Let's learn a little about the rules of conversation on the phone and try to apply them in life.

    Simple rules

    It is a bad form to make phone calls before 8am and after 9pm. Agree unpleasantly, when you wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning, to ask some nonsense. At the weekend it is better not to call until 11 o'clock, everyone wants to sleep at least once a week. If you are still awakened, try to answer calmly, do not be rude. Listen to the interlocutor, all of a sudden this is really important news, but if you are woken up because of a trifle, it will not be superfluous to make a remark in calm form.

    If you need to talk on the phone with a stranger, think about what you say to him, think about the time of the call, for example, it is important not to get on the lunch break.

    If you are asked to approach someone from your family, tell them to wait a minute and call the necessary person. If the person you are asking for is not at home, ask what you need to tell him.

    Every person at least once in his life mistaken number. This is normal. If you got a call and got in the wrong place, say politely: “You didn't go there,” or “Sorry, you were not properly connected.”

    If you get an annoying interlocutor who does not want to end his conversation, do not waste your time on him, strictly but correctly say that you can no longer continue the conversation with him.

    At the beginning of the conversation, you first need to introduce yourself, ask if you are not distracting a person, at the end say goodbye.

    If the connection is interrupted, the one who first called should call back.

    A telephone conversation should last no more than 15 minutes, you should briefly describe the essence of the matter, but if you cannot invest at this time, and your interlocutor also does not mind, talk for another hour, make sure that your conversation does not bother anyone. Go out to another room, close the door behind you, combine the conversation by phone and a walk in the park.

    Do not chat in public transport, in the cinema, in a crowd of people. So, you do not have to repeat the same thing several times.

    You can not talk on the speakerphone without informing your interlocutor. Otherwise, you can get into a very piquant situation for both of you. You do not know what a person wants to tell you, maybe he wants to ask about who you slept with last night.

    Never ask for forgiveness, but you called someone.Thank you must necessarily, but at the same time, stammered to apologize, definitely not worth it.

    Under no circumstances should you combine eating and talking on the phone. Chomping, swallowing and God forbid burping to hear in the tube - it is a real horror. Therefore, if you do not want to look like a pig in the eyes of your interlocutor, never do such a stupid thing in your life.

    When you call a person, remember that you have exactly one minute to rock the topic for a call. There is nothing worse than when you are called and ten minutes trying to say why you decided to dial. After such a conversation there is always a feeling that you have wasted your time.

    Try to speak loudly and clearly. Whisper is appropriate in the presence of excellent communication and communication with a sexual partner.

    Communication brings people together, but remember, in a telephone conversation, it's important to stop in time. Try to replace the telephone conversation with one another in private. After all, the phone can not convey emotions, and will not replace the other person’s eyes.

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