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    Team RelationsWhat is your attitude in the team

    Most companies have a clear hierarchy. The struggle for high positions and, accordingly, rivalry and intrigue are inextricably linked with it. Some firms encourage internal competition, others try to eradicate it through healthy collectivism, well-coordinated work and a benevolent working atmosphere. Determine yourself what type your company belongs to.


    In a healthy cohesive team there is no place for squabbles and unhealthy rivalry, but creative personal initiative is appreciated. Therefore, each employee tries to be a good member of the team and at the same time to stand out with something.


    Some workers, to be noticed, go on risky actions or try to rise at the expense of others. Sometimes it works, more often not. It is desirable to be noticed and not lose respect of the team. This requires tact and respect for others.


    Good manners are important for career advancement, if only because sincerity and respect for colleagues in themselves distinguish a person in a team.Useful tips for everyone around you should see that you are not appropriating other people's merits. At the same time, I would like your contribution to the work to be appreciated and not attributed to others. For this, you can emphasize your contribution in a business note or at a meeting. Sometimes your proposals become part of collective decisions. Useful tips for all occasions you have a choice: either allow the team to assign your contribution, or tell about their proposals at the next meeting with the leadership.


    Most colleagues are engaged in their careers and do not prevent you from doing the same, but some goals coincide with yours. In communicating with rivals need to show good manners and respect.


    Some competitors act rudely: they scold you at meetings, sneak at the authorities, spread rumors and gossip. Their task is to get you to play their game. If you are made from another test, you will inevitably lose, since they take advantage of the information about you and can, with cunning, force you to do something that you will regret later.


    Never play by their rules, because, firstly, such competitors are likely to have acquired their skills in childhood and have a wealth of experience.Secondly, good managers quickly recognize such people and try to get rid of them. The best way is to show people that you understand their game, but do not let yourself go down to their level.


    Treat them pointedly politely. If a competitor comes to work every day before you, give him a compliment. If he cursed you at the meeting, thank you for your constructive criticism, noting that there are other facts that might have changed his point of view if he knew them. If he tries to survive you from the collective, do not hesitate to recall your merits to the company and work experience.


    Fortunately, not all rivals are rude and impudent. Most people who want to get promoted rely on good work, good reputation and good manners. Therefore, if someone cares at you "just like that", give a rebuff politely, but firmly. You are not obliged to serve as a target for anyone to attack. If necessary, ask your boss to take action. If quibbles do not stop, refer to the manual in writing. If the boss himself does not give life, contact us even higher.


    It happens that the main rival is your friend.And it may happen that you will be elevated, but it is not. If the friendship is strong, then the promotion will be perceived by a friend as a reward for good work. If the relationship does not withstand such a test, rejoice that in time they found out the price.

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