• Tanzanite - a new fashionable stone, which is worth learning

    Irina Shchapova

    Irina Shchapova,
    journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

    Tanzanite is a stone of surprising, if not to say mystical shade, for which it is difficult to find a verbal description even with a philological education. When tanzanite was just discovered, it was luckily mixed up with a sapphire and seriously interested in the novelty. And it happened not too long ago - in the 60s of the XX century, so that it is possible to call this stone our actual contemporary. The natural beauty of tanzanite is enhanced when it adds to the magic content of this stone: it is believed that tanzanite is able to relieve headaches, relieve nervous tension and even act as a kind of spiritual guide between a person and his body, which will allow him to better understand and feel his body. A rare, unlike anything stone with such an unusual set of properties immediately interested us - we offer you to get to know it better.

    Gold earrings with tanzanite and cubic zirconias

    This mineral, as you can guess, is mined in African Tanzania, which, among other things, is famous for the most beautiful beaches in the world and the rich underwater world that is attractive for diving. So the fish is exactly the emblem in which tanzanite feels “at home”.

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