• Tandem Sewing Machine and Overlock

    Sometimes you can hear the question of whether an overlock is needed if there is a modern sewing machine. So reason, of course, amateurs. People who understand this kind of equipment understand that the principles of stitch formation are completely different for these devices.

    The sewing machine uses a double-thread stitch to sew a fabric, and in order to sweep the cut edge, a three-thread stitch is needed, at a minimum. There is one more technical device created on the basis of the overlock, called a carpetlock. So this device can sew knitted fabrics, forming a special flat seam, which we sometimes see in the fold of T-shirts.

    If a sewing machine is equipped with a special foot, it can imitate a tipping stitch. But this seam, due to the technology of its formation, will not be elastic, and any tension of the fabric will lead to an overrun of the overlaying seam. Overlock gives you the opportunity to get an elastic seam that can "stretch" along with the fabric. These properties are obtained by the seam due to the fact that it is not sewn, but "sealed" by the overlock.Three to four threads at the same time participate in the formation of the overlay stitch, as well as a differential rail, stretching the fabric during basting, making the seam even more elastic, which allows it to withstand significant breaking loads. This property of overcoat seams is especially important for sportswear. Therefore, not only sewing machines are important for sewing high-quality clothing. An online store that sells sewing equipment, as a rule, has overlock in its assortment.

    At the same time, if you buy a modern overlock, you can be sure of its quality, since all of them are now manufactured using new technologies, and the seam produced by them is of high quality. But, if you decide to save a little and buy a used overlock, then, first of all, you should pay attention to the presence of a differential slats, since some older models lack it. Namely, this detail overlock provides elasticity overlaying the seam. Therefore, old-style overlocks are not recommended for overcasting of knitted fabrics, they are suitable only for ordinary fabrics. Today there is no shortage of high-quality sewing equipment.On the query asked in the search engine for “overlock and sewing machines”, online stores are rushing to offer sewing equipment from different manufacturers.

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