• Summer fishing - what are its features

    And summer has come. All restrictions have been removed, it's time to grab the fishing rods and go to the pond. There are different ways and tactics for fishing, but there are standard rules for fishing in the summer. For fishing in such a hot time, cloudy days or morning are better suited. Actively caught in the summer of crucian carp, carp, bream, roach, perch, pike, catfish and many other fish. But in order to catch a big fish, you will need an excellent rod, a reel, and also heavy sinkers. In addition, summer fishing depends on the place, and baits.

    The best bait for fishing:
    1) Cereals and cereals - the most common baits from cereal grains are pearl barley, oats, wheat. The cooking methods are the same - pour water, and cook until the grains swell.
    2) Corn - a bait for catching fish from the carp family.Canned corn is great.
    3) Worm, maggot, bloodworm - these lures are perfect for both predatory and ordinary fish.
    4) Insects, larvae, fish pieces, animal meat, artificial lures are perfect for most carnivorous fish.

    5) Silicone baits - significantly increases the chances of a good catch. You can find good lures here - http://www.mirrybolova.com.ua/silikon.html.

    Of course, do not forget that bait can increase the biting at the right place. To lure the fish, bran, various porridges and bran are perfect. Before fishing, you can soak the crackers, they are perfect for bait a large number of fish. But the best bait is industrial food, you can buy it in fishing stores, it is made both abroad and abroad. To complete the preparation of such feed enough to add water, if you do not have drinking water, the water from the rivers and lakes is perfect. You need to add enough water so that the feed is slightly loose, and you can knead the balls of them.After which they can be thrown into a certain part of the water, to lure the fish, or refuel in the feeders.
    In the summer, you can show not only your skills, but also catch a lot of fish. Much depends on the place of fishing. In quiet rivers, vegetation clearly shows the depth. Experienced fishermen like to catch in still waters, near the places of depth difference, since the greater the depth, the less biting, but if they bite, it will be a big fish.
    Nowadays, many varieties of baits, fishing rods, baits, and methods of fishing, and there is always fish in all reservoirs, the main thing is to be able to catch it!

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