• Cocktail "Margarita strawberry"

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    Cocktail "Margarita strawberry"

    Cocktail "Margarita" comes from Latin America. It appeared around 1936. In all known versions of the origin of the cocktail there is a woman named Margarita. In the cocktail "Margarita" mixed tequila, lemon, lime and citrus liqueur Triple-sec.

    According to one of the versions, the Margarita cocktail was first prepared in 1940 (according to other sources, in 1936 or 1938) in the famous Spanish bar "Rancho La Gloria". This place was especially popular among the Bohemian USA. Here you could often meet a young and unknown actress Marjorie King, who suffered from an allergy to any alcohol, except tequila. But, unfortunately, she did not like tequila. The local bartender, Danny Guerrero, was attracted to a young actress, and he specifically for her mixed 90 ml of Blanco tequila, 60 ml of Triple liquor and 30 ml of lime juice. Everything was thoroughly mixed and poured into a champagne glass, the edges of which were sprinkled with salt, and ice lay at the bottom. The name of the actress in Spanish sounded like Margarita, and was called a cocktail. The girl was delighted with the taste of the cocktail and the fact that it was named after her.She traveled and distributed to her new acquaintances a recipe for a cocktail named after her. So cocktail "Margarita" and gained world fame and popularity.

    Undoubtedly, this is a great drink, all connoisseurs of alcoholic cocktails are delighted with it. His classic recipe is world famous. But I must say that there are variations of this drink.

    For example, cocktail "Margarita strawberry". You will not forget its unique refreshing taste. It is unmistakably considered a cocktail for women. Prepare at home or order a strawberry margarita in your bar for your girlfriend and you will see delight in her eyes. The taste of alcohol overlaps the soft taste of strawberries, which is especially liked by women. And the external beauty of the cocktail will not leave anyone indifferent.

    The recipe for a cocktail "Margarita strawberry" is as simple as the recipe for the usual "Margarita".

    We will need:

    • 30 ml of any tequila
    • 10 ml of any strawberry liqueur
    • 30 ml of Cointreau liqueur
    • 20 ml of lemon juice (juice is better to use freshly squeezed, because the finished juice gives excessive sweetness)
    • 4 medium strawberries
    • crushed ice

    Cooking "Strawberry Margarita".

    All the ingredients are placed in a shaker and whipped until the strawberries acquire the state of a homogeneous mass. Turn the cocktail glass into lemon juice, then into salt. Pour the blender cocktail into a prepared glass and decorate with fresh strawberries.

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