• Spur: how to treat folk remedies?

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    Spur: how to treat folk remedies?

    Many are affected by heel spurs; The causes of this disease are many, but most often the process is formed due to a metabolic disorder. As a rule, a person experiences pain while walking, and if no action is taken in time, the situation will only worsen. Of course, the ideal option would seem to the doctor, but if there is no time, then the heel spur can be cured with folk remedies.

    We treat heel spur folk remedies

    Spur can be treated with folk remedies; If you follow all the recommendations, then the pain will pass within a week.

    Salty water

    Take a basin and dissolve 1 kg of ordinary salt in 5 liters of hot water. Dip your feet in the solution and do not pull it out until the water has cooled completely. The course of treatment is 10 procedures. The solution does not need to be changed, you can simply warm it. After 5 procedures, the pain will completely disappear, however, you must complete the entire course to get the spur gone. Similarly, serum can be used.


    You can get rid of the spur with alcohol. Pour it into the pan and heat over low heat. Then pour the liquid into the basin and lower the legs into it. Bath need to take 15 minutes.


    Grate the garlic, and apply this gruel to the heel for 3 hours. If the tool burns too much, you can add a little vegetable oil. This compress should be done daily until the complete disappearance of pain. You can also add chalk to garlic and apply this mixture for 3 hours. Legs will need to be pre-steam well.

    Black radish

    When you need to quickly heal the heel spur, you should turn to such a folk remedy, like black radish. It must be turned into a pulp that is applied to the heel. This compress should be kept all night. There are usually 3 procedures to forget about the pain.

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