• The application on the theme of "Spring": create a spring mood together

    The application on the theme of "Spring": create a spring mood togetherSpring is the time when nature awakens. We all look forward to this moment. Therefore, it is quite clear that with the onset of the first spring month, there is a desire to make some thematic piece about spring with the child. The application "Spring" in reality can be completely different: starting from snowdrops and ending with complex three-dimensional pictures. Next, we consider those that will be relevant at any age and take into account the tastes of each.

    The application on the theme "Spring"

    Application is a concept that cannot be interpreted in a single way. Under it can be understood different types of crafts. It used to be thought that an appliqué was a sheet of paper on which pieces of colored paper were applied with glue. However, in fact, it can be made not only from paper, but also from other natural materials, such as clay, leaves or chestnuts.

    Spring application involves making crafts on a flower theme. The child, of course, the easiest to work with paper. Even a child can, if not cut, then at least glue the elements. So let's consider the step by step making of the Spring Flowers application.

    The following materials should be prepared:

    • color paper, cardboard;
    • corrugated cardboard;
    • scissors;
    • glue.

    The application on the theme of "Spring": create a spring mood togetherGetting Started.

    1. The first step is to draw a vase on a sheet of corrugated cardboard.
    2. Next, take the base - a sheet of colored cardboard - and paste on it a cut vase.
    3. Cut out flowers and leaves from colored paper.
    4. Glue them on top of our vase on the base.
    5. For decoration we glue strips of 1-1.5 cm of corrugated cardboard on the sides of the base.

    So, a wonderful bouquet for the grandmother is ready!The application on the theme of "Spring": create a spring mood together

    Applique of colored paper on the theme "Spring"

    Such an odd job will be under the power of schoolchildren. It is necessary to prepare the same components as for the previous crafts.

    We draw on white paper birch trunk. We put black stripes on it with a black felt-tip pen.

    Take the green paper. Fold it in four. We draw branches. Cut out. There should be four branches.

    We take the base - cardboard blue. We glue the trunk and branches on it. Leaflets do not stick. Not glued, they will create volume.

    Cut out the silhouette of the birdhouse and starlings. Glue to the tree trunk.The application on the theme of "Spring": create a spring mood together

    Here is our application “Spring” made of paper.

    How to make an application about spring? Making the "Spring Sun"

    In order to make such a craft, you must prepare:

    • cardboard;
    • paper;
    • scissors;
    • glue.

    The first thing to do is to circle the child's hand on the cardboard. Cut it out. This will be our layout. Next, cut a circle. Using the layout, cut out the hands of a child. Minimum quantity - 6 pieces.

    If you took not colored cardboard and paper, now you need to paint both the palms and the sun in yellow. Now glue the circle to the center of our base. However, you need to glue it is not completely, but only the middle part. Now you should glue the palm under the circle.

    When you glue all the hands, you can completely glue the circle. To create a good mood you can make the sun the eyes and smile.


    The application on the theme of "Spring": create a spring mood togetherAs you can see, the application on "Spring has come" can be completely different. For many, spring is the best time of the year.Therefore, crafts on the spring theme are so popular. In addition, children love to make crafts. This kind of pastime develops the child's imagination and fine motor skills.

    Having made an application on a spring theme with your child, you will not only get the result in the form of crafts, but also delight your baby. After all, children like no one else value work and joint efforts.

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