• Spring holidays in 2015: how to spend?

    Spring holidays in 2015: how to spend?Millions of parents and schoolchildren are interested in when spring holidays will be held in 2015. There is already a very specific answer to this question. The start date of the school holidays is March 23, the end of the first day of April. When the answer to this question is received, another appears immediately. How to organize a complete rest from educational affairs for children? We will try to answer it in this article.

    The organization of children's leisure during school holidays is extremely important.

    Children are great happiness. Playing with them, at a time when they are very small and are just beginning to learn the world, brings incredible joy to parents. The older our children become - the less often we spend time with them and leave them for an increasing period.

    This is especially true of children's holidays, which provides the school. They can last seven days, and maybe several months (as is the case with summer). It is clear that no one will give you a vacation for this time, and you will not be able to control what your child is doing and how many times he has eaten per day. There is an exit.You can make him a special schedule, which will allow the child not only to develop fully, even while on vacation, but also get the necessary rest from the school. After all, spring break is very important for a child as a chance to gain strength before the end of the year.

    Spring holidays in 2015: how to spend?

    Spring holidays in 2015 - the main trends

    Of course, each parent decides for himself whether his child needs special care or a timetable, or maybe he is quite independent that he can find something for himself without involving adults. We bring to your attention the main directions of the organization of leisure of schoolchildren during the spring holidays of the 2015 academic year.

    Special organizations

    At the moment there is a huge number of various companies that are engaged in organizing a schedule for schoolchildren during their holidays. You can ask for help to them, and for a fairly modest amount, you can absolutely quietly go to work every day, knowing that your child’s leisure time will be as diverse as possible. He can be offered painting, modeling, computer literacy courses and much more.

    Trip to another city

    Spring is a great time to travel. Why not suggest that your child coordinate their vacation dates with a tour to Moscow, St. Petersburg or another interesting city. Such spring holidays in 2015 he will certainly be remembered for a long time.

    Spring holidays in 2015: how to spend?

    Trip to relatives

    Why not plan a trip in numbers close to the holidays, in remote corners of the country to their relatives? As we have said, spring is a great time to travel, no matter where. And in terms of statistics, in 2014, more than 40% of parents chose to send their children on school holidays to their relatives for fresh air.

    Active or passive rest?

    Some parents prefer their children to spend spring break at home, under the nominal supervision of grandmothers or neighbors. Thus, reducing the possibility of obtaining new impressions to a minimum. Other parents, on the contrary, load the child with the maximum number of different circles and interest groups, leaving no space for the usual “doing nothing,” which is also very important.
    Remember that a child is a sponge that absorbs everything that it sees.Spend more time with the child, talk with him, go together on excursions and to the cinema. And you will be surprised how much he will enjoy his holidays spent in this mode.

    Spring holidays in 2015: how to spend?

    Spring break in 2015 is only coming to your family, and it is only for you to decide whether you are ready to choose a middle ground between active and passive rest. Most importantly, pay attention to the child. Ask him not only about success in school, but also about what he is interested in and how he himself would like to spend this spring vacation 2015.

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