• Spectacular, but lightweight earrings, for those who recognize only studs

    Irina Shchapova

    Irina Shchapova,
    journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

    The more, the better - this is now the unspoken principle, which is followed by designers, creating new ones. The large format really looks spectacular, but we, as realists, urge to recall the comfort. Adherents of miniature stud earrings will support us for sure, because these are the very decorations that you put on and forget about their existence. Tiny “carnations” are incredibly comfortable for a dynamic lifestyle and are simply prescribed to active girls who are always on the move. Is there something in between a spectacular massive earrings, from which you can not take your eyes off, and tiny studs? Our answer: yes!

    Silver Earrings

    We recall school astronomy lessons and drawings that we have drawn on them. Imagine that this is your patroness planet and now it will accompany you in the form of this spectacular pair of silver earrings.

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