• Sound settings in kubuntu 14.04
    He took out a removable sound device in order to understand how it is determined in the system, which name was removed from the list. In general, the method of exclusion found out the name of its removable zvukovuhi. I disabled the built-in sounds through the BIOS, the mixer settings no longer show them. But in the Sound equipment settings in the Sound card column, the sound card of the video card is stuck, although in the program the PulseAudio Volume Control has turned off the sound card completely. You can choose a removable, change and apply, but including the old one again will be visible in its original place. How to fix removable instead of vidyushkoy zvukushushki?
    ALSA plugins cannot change the name or cannot be deleted at all, there are no such functions. You can only copy. Find the settings for the video card and disable hdmi. As an option.

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