• Sms Happy New Year for loved ones. New short SMS greetings for the New Year holidays in verse and prose

    SMSNG-001Cool, cheerful and optimistic festive poem ... A short congratulatory message unexpectedly flown to the phone ... A funny sms with the New Year, suddenly highlighted on the display ... It would seem that nothing is a trifle, but how many positive emotions, sincere joy and other pleasant sensations we experience, receiving this tiny bit of text from relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Simple, sincere and kind words warm the soul, make you smile and remind you that somewhere near or, conversely, very far away, hundreds of kilometers away, there are people to whom we are immensely expensive and important, regardless of any life circumstances.

    New sms happy new year 2017 for friends in verses

    For friends for the New 2017, you need to prepare beautiful, bright, cheerful congratulations and small mementoes. And to strengthen the festive mood and create a cheerful atmosphere will help new funny sms in verse. It is so pleasant at the moment of traditional New Year's troubles to suddenly hear a beep and see on the phone display a couple of cool quatrains consisting of greeting phrases and the kindest, most sincere and touching wishes of peace, well-being, goodness, happiness and mutual understanding. After such a nice sign of attention preparing for the most important night of the year will be much easier and a thousand times more comfortable.



    Loud-haired Cockerel,
    New Year's your boyfriend.
    Meet the holiday invites
    And the year promises you
    A lot of happiness and prosperity
    To life rolled smoothly!


    Oh, our cock is beautiful,
    Spurs, Wings, Scallop,
    Yes, and he goes impressively,
    So, the year will be important!
    Year comes the rooster,
    So for sure everyone
    There will be happiness, how much you want,
    Like selected grain!

    Shiny snowflakes of laughter
    Bag with great success!
    Serpentine big love,
    Happiness star lights!
    Let this New Year
    You all bring it!

    Short sms congratulations on the New Year 2017 Fire Cock in prose


    To whom to send a short SMS-congratulation on the upcoming New Year 2017 of the Fire Cock in prose? Friends and relatives, colleagues, good friends, customers and any other people who want to please with all my heart. What is better to write in such messages? Yes, all that you have in your soul. Give vent to your feelings and in the warmest, sincere and inspirational phrases tell dear people how important it is for you that they are in your life. Wish them mutual love, family happiness, the strongest health, financial stability and well-being in the New Year. Perhaps these words do not differ in originality, however, they are always pleasant to hear or read to everyone regardless of age and social status.


    Happy New Year, with the year of the Rooster. Let the symbol of this year bring prosperity and well-being to the house, fun and joy, perseverance of character and an agility of spirit, good health and true luck. I wish in the New Year to carry out all our plans and get everything desired!


    The rooster is a very brave, confident, proud bird.So let this year everyone be rich with these qualities. I wish only miracles, because this is the time of the winter fairy tale. Let everyone in the New Year receive the most expensive, desired and valuable!


    Happy New Year! Let the planet, as in the future, make its way in 365 days, headed by the hero of Russian folklore - Rooster. I wish that the cock cry dispersed evil spirits, bringing courage, benevolence, dignity, loyalty, courage, reliability, love. Get up with the first rays of the sun, as a symbol of the year, regenerate spiritually, live happily, brightly and multicolored!

    Funny sms happy new year 2017 for colleagues


    In groups it is customary to celebrate winter holidays very brightly, creatively and with a twist. Employees decorate their workplaces with traditional festive paraphernalia, namely, paper garlands, openwork snowflakes, shimmering rain, bright balls, curly serpentine and Christmas tree branches, prepare a solemn program and make fun of each other by sending funny SMS greetings to the New 2017 to the phone year. This creates a joyful and slightly euphoric atmosphere, helps to relax and causes the most pleasant, warm and emotional emotions.After all, even serious and severe adults sometimes want to become carefree teenagers for a short time and again believe in a New Year's fairy tale, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and gifts, absolutely mysterious way suddenly appearing under a tree, hung with shiny toys, motley crackers and glowing lights.


    Clawed tenacious paw,

    Taking a little breath,

    Carries us a New Year

    Big-big Rooster.

    And in friendly congratulations

    The grain will be scattered:

    Hope and fulfillment

    Dreams, and not one.


    Happy New Year of the Rooster happily congratulate

    I wish a lot of joy, luck in the holiday,

    Fulfillment of desires, the magic of the big,

    In the new year, let it be all definitely new.


    Again, waiting for a tale to visit -

    Santa Claus enters the house.

    Let the loud bells of the Chimes

    The talents are awakened.

    I wish you creative victories,

    Good luck, recognition, long years!

    Funny sms happy New Year of the Rooster


    Than to please a close-knit company of friends who gathered together to meet the New Year 2017 of the Rooster? Of course, cool SMS, which suddenly flies to the phone and reminds those who, due to life circumstances, can not be around.Just a few simple rhymed lines with spicy jokes, playful hints and kind humor will give a special shade to the festive party and will let your loved ones understand that they are remembered and loved very much.

    It is appropriate to send a cool New Year sms to former school and university students, colleagues, colleagues, customers and long-distance friends. May they, too, smile at this little optimistic greeting and be glad that at the height of the most pleasant holidays of the year someone thinks of them with warmth, kindness and tenderness.


    Congratulate with a line of verse
    I want you with the year of the rooster
    And wish that all year round
    You laughed: "Hee-hee, ha-ha!"
    To all the troubles - on guts,
    That all problems - nonsense,
    To bring good luck to you
    Year of the naughty Rooster!


    In the year of the Rooster what can I wish?
    Often leave your chicken coop,
    Feel free to feel yourself,
    Every day, higher and higher take off.

    The tail is lush and sharp spurs,
    Do not waste time talking,
    More create, create, create,
    Earlier for this morning get up.

    And, as usual, happiness, health,
    That your house is warmed by love.
    Let outside silvery snow.
    Let this rhyme please you.


    Poor spurs, red scallop,
    Mchitet master of the year - the brave cock!
    So come on full yes on the road,
    To bring with him the money he bag
    Good health to all that gave,
    Tribulation and misfortune, like millet, pecked,
    Ringing so that the mountains of happiness forged
    And struck down all the enemies to the spot!

    New Year 2017 sms greetings in verses for parents


    Parents ... The most dear and close people in the life of each person ... For them, on the New Year you need to pick the warmest, most touching and inspiring words and they are unlikely to fit into the SMS greeting format ... But still, you can send a short greeting to the phone in verses, and all the most important and significant to say a little later in person, or at the time of a long telephone conversation, if mom and dad live in another city. After all, no printed lines compare with the joy of natural human communication, when people hear each other’s voices and catch every nuance of the spoken phrase.

    Therefore, congratulating parents on the New Year, do not limit yourself to SMS, even if it is full of the brightest and most colorful speech turns.Be sure to call or come to visit and say a few good words personally from yourself. Thank mom and dad for everything they have done for you, emphasize how important it is for you to know that everything is in order and that they do not need anything, show how much you appreciate their attitude, attention and care. Such sincere, simple words will penetrate parents into the heart and will deliver much more happy minutes than the most expensive gift brought on New Year's Eve by a faceless courier from a delivery service.


    Mom, Dad, Happy New Year,
    Always be happy.
    Let it be warm to you now
    Despite the cold!

    May desires be fulfilled
    What do you think.
    I am sending you a reminder:
    Most of all I need you!


    How cool is it that you have me
    Parents, my family.
    There is nothing more expensive than a family
    Only in the family support, strength is born.
    May this New Year be calm
    So that you are not tormented by sadness and doubt.
    Stability, let the world come
    And a whole year will be accompanied by luck.

    Happy New Year to you, Dad and Mom,
    Thanks for all we say
    In life, we wish a steep climb,
    And together with you we believe in the best.

    Let all your plans be fulfilled
    Health you strong, warmth,
    We owe you our life,
    Live, family, in love!

    Poems happy New Year and beautiful SMS greetings


    You can congratulate your relatives, friends, colleagues and relatives on New Year's celebrations in a variety of ways: in person at a meeting, by phone call or by postcard. However, the first place in the popularity rating of modern holiday greetings is steadily occupied by SMS with the New Year. They are sent to each other by schoolchildren, students, office workers, corporate directors and bank clerks, in a word, everyone who has a mobile phone, and today it is the majority of the population of the planet.

    What is the secret of such furious success of SMS greetings for the New Year? Probably, in the simplicity, availability and confidence that the subscriber will almost instantly receive a festive greeting. After all, a postcard or a letter can be lost in the mail and fail in some dusty corner until the very end of the year, and it’s not always possible to meet with each friend, acquaintance and friend on the eve of holidays. But a short optimistic text in prose or a funny funny poem sent as an SMS message,are guaranteed to arrive on time and tell to close people what kind of benefits they want in the coming year 2017, relatives and acquaintances.


    Torn off the last leaf,
    Removed from the wall calendar.
    Waiting for a long time congratulations
    January is behind the door.
    In the bright lights of carnival
    The hour comes on him.
    The ringing of crystal glasses
    A celebration is entering our house.
    May good luck visit you
    Let the inspiration come,
    Let your life become brighter
    In the new, starting year!


    On a wonderful New Year's holiday
    I wish you want
    From a pure heart today
    Walking with a dream shoulder to shoulder!

    Let the New Year give you
    Success and less fuss,
    Let life give luck
    Let your dreams come true!


    In the curls of serpentine and the sound of crackers
    Crouched familiar childhood fun.
    The aroma of tangerines and glare toys,
    Gifts in boxes under elegant spruce.

    Let everything be easy and beautiful for you.
    And fate will smile like a good friend.
    I wish from my heart to be the happiest
    Old year let him take bad weather and blizzards.

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