• Smoking during pregnancy kills a child

    Smoking during pregnancy kills a childOf course, everyone knows how harmful smoking is. However, by no means all this makes quitting such an addiction. Many prefer not to think about the consequences, in the hope that no diseases will affect them.

    If we talk about smoking women who are going to become mothers, then the situation becomes even more serious. It is necessary to realize that responsibility appears double - for oneself and for the new life only!

    How long before a pregnancy do I need to stop smoking?

    Not all women planning to have a baby, refuse cigarettes long before conception. There was a common and very erroneous opinion - it’s enough to quit smoking at the moment when the test was positive. But in reality it is not so, it is important to give up nicotine at least 6 months before pregnancy.

    Tobacco tends to accumulate in the human body and poison it for a long period after stopping smoking.Therefore, it is important to think about your health as early as possible and not only get rid of bad habits, but also generally improve your health and prepare for an important period in life.
    Smoking during pregnancy kills a child
    This applies not only to women, but also to men. It has been scientifically proven that male smokers have significantly fewer live sperm. But even the viable are not sufficiently active and fast. Smoking is one of the factors that provoke the development of infertility.

    Can I quit smoking during pregnancy?

    Smoking during pregnancy kills a child

    Many people think that quitting is enough at the moment when the pregnancy is confirmed. And this is not the worst option. In fact, to give up smoking is never too late. In addition, most of those who did it immediately, no longer return to cigarettes in the future, after the birth of the baby.

    Strange as it may seem, the opinions on this issue are divided. Some believe that it is simply necessary to refuse, since it is impossible to expose the embryo to tar, nicotine and other harmful substances. Others believe that a sharp rejection of the usual dose of nicotine exposes the body to stress and introduces into shock, which can adversely affect the baby. However, the latter theory has practically no arguments and now you will find out why.

    Arguments for quitting need to

    Smoking during pregnancy kills a child

    “Who smoked during pregnancy?”, Such questions appear more often on the forums. Women share their experiences. Many even claim that they smoked the whole pregnancy, and the baby was born absolutely healthy. One may seek support of this kind and reassure oneself with the silliest arguments. However, the truth is one. Here is what happens inside the body of a smoking future mother:

    • the fetus in the womb is directly connected to the mother by the umbilical cord. Thus, all substances that enter her blood are transmitted to the child. It is safe to say that the baby is already growing up as a smoker. It is impossible to immediately predict all possible pathologies. Nicotine acts gradually, incrementally. Therefore, the consequences can develop over a long period;
    • the child’s development does not take place in a normal manner, but with various difficulties. On the way to the formation of organs, a number of obstacles arise through which it is not always possible to step over. The kid is forced to survive in the truest sense of the word, and he will never become as strong as he was given by nature;
    • very much toxins affect the reproductive system. The destructive effect applies to all glands, endocrine and reproductive systems. Perhaps the development of infertility in the womb;
    • the mother is also exposed to nicotine even more than before conception. Often there is exfoliation or placenta previa, fetal fading, premature labor, hypoxia, fetal hypotrophy, improper location of the egg in the uterus;
    • many are amused by the hope that the minimum number of smoked cigarettes will preserve the health of the child. This is not the case at all. The number of poisonous substances is already large enough in a woman's body, and each new portion only supports this level. After birth, the body of the newborn is under stress because of the missing nicotine “dose”, which he received without any problems during the entire period. This can cause the development of diseases of the nervous system and even death.

    Answer for yourself one single question - which is more important: your preferences or the health of the unborn child? Any normal woman should correctly prioritize in this case and, of course, do everything possible for the good of her child.

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