• Skyrim: how to become a daedra?

    November 11, 2014
    Skyrim: how to become a daedra?

    The game Skyrim provides tremendous opportunities to play the role of a warrior, mage or rogue in a world with ancient history and mythology, where magic exists. And where there is magic, there are all-powerful beings with tremendous power. These creatures can be considered Princes Daedra, who live in the plans of Oblivion. That is why many players are interested in the question of how to become a Daedra in Skyrim.

    Consider this question together in more detail.

    How to become a Daedra in Skyrim

    Unfortunately, the game developers have not added the opportunity to become Daedra by official means with the help of add-ons. Many players tried to become a Daedra, going through various chains of quests that gave the Princes Daedra. However, no one has managed to become a Daedra so far.

    But where the developers decided not to make the opportunity, the usual modders succeeded, who created a lot of mods that would allow if not to become a Daedra, then to achieve a close state to this. For example, two mods add Daedra magic and armor that will make you look like a Prince. This is the maximum that can be done for wagering for the Prince Daedra.

    How to become a Daedra in TES 4: Obvilion

    In the previous game of the company Bethesda TES 4: Obvilion, there is an opportunity to become a Daedra with the official addition “Shivering Islands”. To do this, it is necessary in the game to get to those same Trembling Islands where one of the Princes Daedra dwells, namely Sheogard - God of Madness. By completing the quest chains on the island, you can get the desired opportunity.

    As for the other games TES, then in one game there is no possibility of becoming a Daedra. Even in the new multiplayer game TES Online, until the developers add this feature to the game.

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