• Six interesting facts about the Chester sofa

    Once you see this furniture, you will not be able to forget it and confuse it with something else. Elastic and glossy, spectacular and presentable sofas and armchairs are able to add gloss and status to the interior by their presence. Apparently, therefore, "Chester" has not lost its popularity among furniture makers around the world for several centuries. And in his long history there simply can not but be surprising and interesting facts. Here are some of them.

    Chester's sofa in the eco room

    They are a nice Englishman It is not known for certain who and where exactly created this legendary sofa. According to one version, it was the English furniture maker, popular in the 18th century, who was called Chester. He saw the beauty of his creation, and decided not to even think about the name. According to another hypothesis, the sofa is named after the Earl of Chesterfield, a statesman, diplomat and writer of the same time.Legend proclaims that it was he who proposed an interesting construction and design. There is also an opinion that the sofa is called the English county, and that it was created there. In any case, the sofa has English roots and it is felt in every bend. It has been at the peak of popularity for several centuries The design of this sofa is timeless but ageless classics. Its appearance has not changed for several centuries. Of course, the color and material of the upholstery may change, but its appearance and always recognizable style is a constant. At the same time, everything around - the color of the wallpaper, the chandeliers, the style of furniture, carpets, and so on - can spin in the cycle of time and give way to scrap when changing trends. But a sofa in a diamond will fit into any interior with ease.

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