• Simple zvuchuchok

    The design of such a radio chip is quite simple, practically does not need to be set up, and if all the parts are present, it can be assembled in half an hour. This is a great option for a beginner who is just starting to learn and collect simple radio circuits.
    Simple Radio Hook
    Despite the simplicity of the design, the beetle is quite stable in operation. The range is approximately 70 meters, but this is using a ct 368 transistor or an import analog of bc547. It is desirable to replace the transistor with kt 325 V, then the range will increase to 130 meters with direct visibility. I used the cmd components to reduce the size of the structure. The task was to produce 10 such radio beams to order, they all earned from the first inclusion.
    Simple Radio Hook
     Simple radio radio
    Simple Radio Beacon
    A variable capacitor allows you to tune the transmitter to any range in the FM range.The microphone can be used from a mobile phone headset, with the goals of increasing the sensitivity of the microphone, it is desirable to add a simple microphone amplifier on a single transistor. The beetle is usually caught at a frequency of 96 to 98 megahertz, I replaced the variable capacitor after tuning to keep the radio transmitter compact. The beetle has a wide range of supply voltages. It starts from 3 volts, you can use a lithium tablet with a voltage of 3 volts, a battery from a mobile phone with a voltage of 3.7 volts, or a 9 volt crown. The consumption of a radio transmitter with a microphone amplifier was 6 ma.
    Simple radio sound
     Simple Radio Sound
    Simple Radio Sign

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