• Simple and very cute embroidery pattern. Can even beginner

    Embroidery is a quiet meditative occupation, which can accompany any other kind of leisurely leisure. Pick up the hoops and colored thread, and the most usual evening in front of the TV will turn into a session of art therapy.

    Unfortunately, a long-term project itself can be a source of stress and worries. There is an exit! Begin acquaintance with embroidery with this kind of crafts as a sampler or sampler. It is an example of various artistic stitches made with colored threads. Semplers often make out the borders of certain shapes. In the example described below, the heart is used.

    For the project will need:

    • Fingers of the right size;
    • sewing needle or needle for embroidery;
    • thread "floss" 7 different colors;
    • cloth or canvas;
    • sharp scissors;
    • thimble;
    • iron;
    • a simple pencil;
    • Scotch;
    • needle threader

    Making a template for embroidery

    The template can be found and printed on the printer, or you can draw it with a pencil on paper. The easiest way to do this is as follows. Place the template on the wrong side of the fabric or canvas, fixing it in the corners with adhesive tape or pins. Place on any transparent surface under which the light source is placed. It can be either a special device or a piece of glass with a lamp under it. Happy translate the picture on the window. The fabric is glued to the glass, and the drawing is transferred with a soft pencil.

    Fasten the canvas or fabric with printed pattern on the hoop. Try to choose the right size so that the fabric tension is optimal.

    There are already holes in the canvas, and you will not need to expend effort on piercing it. For fabric, use a thin needle with a large eye.

    Getting Started Embroidery

    Use the simplest seams, choosing for each your own thread color. The first puncture is made from the underside of the fabric, and on it we attach the bundle at the end of the seam. Make sure the bundle is tight to the fabric and does not wrinkle it. Cut the edge of the thread with scissors, because tearing off can damage the fabric.

    If the thread becomes curled during operation, lower the needle freely downward to allow it to spin.

    The next stitch that is used here is called the “forward needle”.Make sure that all stitches are the same length.

    For the formation of a seam in the form of a chain, it is necessary to form a loop on the surface of the fabric, and then fix it with the next loop.

    For the figured Christmas tree, position the side stitches at a 45 degree angle to the center seam.

    Asterisks are embroidered by overlapping two crosses.

    Job design

    Embroidery can be inserted into the frame, or the hoops themselves can be used as a frame. In the latter case, the excess tissue should be cut off. You can make a small pillow from embroidery by stitching the same piece of fabric to the rectangle of the canvas.

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