• Signs of cheating husband, wife

    The first signs of treason

    The first signs of betrayal of husband and wife

    Adultery is the most popular reason for divorce proceedings. Even quite a happy family, having lived many cloudless years, may face this unpleasant phenomenon. It seemed that nothing foreshadowed trouble, everything was calm and trivial, and suddenly the world broke up into many particles, leaving only heart-rending pain, resentment, disappointment.


    Many women experienced a feeling of intolerable heartache and hopelessness after learning about male infidelity. They tried to understand the causes and signs of her husband's adultery, weighing up her behavior and that of her husband. For some reason in our society, it is customary to treat male treason more condescendingly, sometimes even with a sense of irony. Perhaps there is not a single person who has not heard of male polygamy and that this is physiology. This stereotype has long been passed down from generation to generation, rather well established in society and approved by some men who do not really think about moral principles.


    Nevertheless, even in well-to-do families, the first signs of her husband's betrayal often occur from the everyday routine, the monotony of family life. Trying to experience the emotional surge, the novelty, the men give birth to relationships on the side. How to prevent treason and what should be paid attention to avoid breaking up the relationship?


    Sexual relations play a leading role in family life. A signal that a betrayal has already occurred or is only planned is unreasonable coldness, lack of interest in sex on the part of her husband. To avoid this, a woman should learn to diversify her sex life, be able to surprise and arouse interest.

    Signs of adultery of her husband



    Every woman will be alerted if her husband stays at work for no reason or spends his leisure time with friends. This behavior - the first signs of betrayal of her husband. This can happen if there is a place in the family for frequent scandals, or if the wife is occupied exclusively with herself. Or, conversely, does not deal with herself at all, appearing before her husband solely in a poor state. Men are connoisseurs of feminine beauty, so a woman needs to be able to always admire.


    Suspicious may be the behavior of her husband, if he conducts telephone conversations secretly, each time retiring to another room. And maybe he began to attach more importance to his appearance. Or suddenly he had new addictions that had previously not attracted interest. A husband who changes, often thinks that maybe he is deceived too. He unreasonably begins to find fault with his wife, trying to catch her in treason. Mistakenly assuming that attacking can protect yourself from suspicion. Constant irritability and stress can also serve as a signal of change.


    All thesefirst signs of cheating on her husband, of course, can not be unambiguous evidence of adultery. First of all, you need to talk and find out the reasons for the lack of attention to his wife. Perhaps, alienation is not due to the fact of treason, but simply a secret resentment, discontent with something. Straight conversation of spouses will help to find out and eliminate the distance that has arisen, not leading to a possible adultery.


    And if the husband's infidelity is an indisputable, confirmed fact. How to be in this situation? Women react to treason in different ways.Some, harboring anger and resentment, break up family relationships without asking for a reason. Women who are able to forgive, try to understand the motives that pushed her husband to communicate with another woman. If the feelings of the spouses remain, most families find ways to solve the problem in order not to destroy the family. It should be borne in mind that the fact of betrayal may be the cause of the wrong behavior of the wife. Therefore, there is always a chance not only to return good relations, but also to improve them, having carried out a kind of “work on the mistakes” of both spouses.


    Signs of the betrayal of his wife



    In the issue of adultery, very few men, unlike women, are able to forgive the betrayal of his wife. This is regarded as a betrayal, a blow to vanity, which may entail a man’s desire to sever family relationships. What pushes a woman to treason? Many psychologists believe that women without a good reason can not make the intrigue "on the side". And the desire to change the spouse can be caused by disappointment, inconsistency with her idea of ​​deep feelings.


    As a rule, a man gives more importance to sexual relationships.A woman in a relationship with her husband wants to satisfy her emotional needs more. First of all, she feels the need to be loved. And if the husband does not have enough attention, tenderness, the woman tries to make up for them by starting a relationship with another man. What oddities in the behavior of the wife can alert the husband and cause suspicion of treason?


    Typically, if a woman has a love relationship with another man, she experiences a great sense of guilt. Trying to correct the error, she begins to show excessive attention to the children and her husband. It is more sensitive to one's domestic duties, such as housekeeping or raising children. The presence of a lover and the desire to like him cause an increased interest in their appearance and clothing, as well as a desire to monitor their weight. Possible failure or lack of interest in sexual relations with her husband - that's allfirst signs of cheating on a wife.


    Women in love are very romantic. Therefore, they will keep all kinds of correspondence with their admirer in order to reread it from time to time. In this regard, they will be irritable to any encroachment on the personal phone.Delays at work and the emergence of an unknown new girlfriend, spending the weekend and all the free leisure outside the home can be a signal of his wife’s infidelity. Excessive nagging, irritability will be constant companions, because women tend to be compared and analyzed.


    Many women, making intrigue, do not intend to engage in sexual relations. For them it is much more important to experience an explosion of emotions, to once again experience the state of love. Platonic relations can have two outcomes. Flirting "on the side" can either get bored or go into a more serious relationship.


    Maybe a man, faced with the infidelity of his wife, instead of suffering from anger and resentment, try to figure out and learncauses of female treason. What is really not enough for a woman in her daily routine, what does she receive less from her husband? To tell his wife compliments, to give flowers whenever possible - these tips sound very trite and beaten. But this is really not enough for very many women in everyday life. A loving wife needs mutual love of her husband, attention and care. These are indispensable components of her female happiness.


    It is accepted to call the woman "the keeper of the center". Therefore, instinctively, she will strive to keep the family, to make amends for her mistakes. To forgive or not is a very individual question. Perhaps once having committed a blunder, she will for a very long time experience a feeling of infinite guilt and try to redeem her. Just weighing all the answers to the questions, you can decide whether to forgive his wife's betrayal or not. And since a family union is a relationship between two spouses, then the search for the causes of misunderstanding and infidelity follows from the actions of both.

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