• Shocking and trendy hair piercing

    Social networks are a great way to promote your creative ideas. This is exactly what the stylists from America, Jesse and Taiba, did by inviting fashionistas to decorate their hair with a piercing. Girls have long been known among local beauties who want to stand out from the crowd. Cherishing in their hearts a love for punctures of different parts of the body, they decided to transfer this idea to their hair.

    Bold beauty trend

    One of the first stars who succumbed to fashionable tricks of young stylists was Christina Aguilera, decorating her pigtails with a large number of small rings. She was followed by Kim Kardashian, as well as Ariana Grande.

    The authors of the idea confess that their favorite version of hair-piercing is a few silver beads, dressed on a ring and attached to a hairstyle. You can experiment with various accessories, which you will find in the jewelry box. Rings, beads, metal spikes, flowers, pins and even paper clips are suitable for this, as shown in the photo.

    To create a unique image, you do not need to have special skills,it is rather beautiful to braid pigtails (their number depends solely on your desire) and thread through them the selected jewelry.

    Advanced women of fashion manage to harmoniously combine hair piercing not only with informal clothes, but even with dresses, blouses and skirts.

    Actively spread to Instagram, this beauty trend for hair is gaining incredible turns. Therefore, those who are trying to follow the mod will not be superfluous to search the network for information on the #hairpircing tag, choosing the most suitable option for themselves.

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