• Shar Pei - original and faithful dog

    Sharpei - a sweet creature, whose appearance does not leave anyone indifferent. And if you decide to have such a pet, then first find out all the features of this breed and care for its representative.

    What is this breed?

    Shar Pei is a unique breed, which, moreover, is one of the most ancient (as DNA tests showed, it is about 3 thousand years old). By the way, from the Chinese language the name of the breed is translated as "sandy wool".

    The country of origin is China, but there is no exact data on how exactly these animals happened. Although there are two versions. According to the first, the ancestors of the Sharpey were the ancient mastiffs. Adherents of another version believe that these dogs are descended from sleek-haired chow-chows. Initially, the Shar Pei were fighting dogs, but then they were used as hunting and guard dogs.

    Adult dogs

    Appearance of representatives of this breed is very characteristic and unique, it can be seen in the photo. The first distinctive feature is pronounced and very deep folds.By the way, their number should not be too large. Most folds are localized on the withers, at the base of the tail, and also on the frontal part of the muzzle. The second distinctive feature is the head, or rather its shape.

    In some ways, it resembles the head of a hippopotamus, as it is stretched and enlarged in front of it and is rather large in relation to the proportions of the body. And the third feature is the color of the gums and tongue. Usually it is dark purple or blue-black. The body of the dog is muscular, the paws are well developed and rather wide apart.


    The tail is large and planted high. The eyes are almond-shaped. Sometimes it seems that the look is gloomy, but it is a certain feature of appearance. Ears are small, their tips hang. Color may vary from pale to chocolate or black. The coat is short, no undercoat.

    Character traits

    The character of shar pei can be called uneasy, but nevertheless some features allow to consider such a dog an excellent friend and a full member of the family. So, the characteristic features of the representatives of the breed:

    • Aggression is extremely rare, mainly towards strangers or other animals. To children these dogs are supportive, but only if they are used to them at an early age.
    • Sharpei are very clever and intellectually developed dogs that can catch the mood of the owners, as well as make decisions and understand a lot.
    • Representatives of this breed are real owners, not only with respect to their territory, but also with respect to their owners, so that manifestations of jealousy are not uncommon.
    • Shar Pei independent, freedom-loving, independent and have a developed sense of self-esteem, which sometimes greatly complicates education.
    • These pets need constant communication with the owners, as well as with other people. In relation to strangers, they are incredulous, but they quickly make contact with familiar people.
    • Shar Pei is very loyal.
    • These are excellent defenders who will always come to the rescue in a difficult situation.
    • Representatives of this breed are leaders in nature.

    Is this breed suitable for you?

    Shar Pei is a dog for experienced breeders, requiring increased attention to upbringing, as well as to health. In addition, these pets need frequent walks in open and large areas, as well as regular exercise. So if you are confident, have information about care and have free time, you can start a Shar-Pei.

    Funny face

    How to choose a puppy?

    Shar Pei puppies are incredibly cute. And how to choose the best?

    1. It is best to get acquainted with the parents, or at least to know their features.
    2. The optimal puppy age is 1.5-2 months.
    3. The puppy should be active, cheerful and vigorous.
    4. Male or bitch? Males are more active and brave, but sometimes stubborn. Bitches are docile, more affectionate.
    5. Buy a puppy from experienced breeders who have all the documents on hand, or in specialized nurseries.
    6. The price of a puppy is on average 15-20 thousand rubles. Too low cost should be alarming.


    What should be the proper care for the Shar Pei dog breed? The most important points:

    1. Bathing is required about once a month and a half. Use special shampoos designed for dogs of this breed. Take care that water does not get into your ears (this is fraught with ear infections), gently caulk the ear canals with cotton swabs during the procedure. Rinse the pleats thoroughly and dry the coat.
    2. In the process of contamination, carefully clean the pet's ears with a cotton swab soaked in sterile vaseline oil.
    3. Claws need to be cut with a special claw as they grow (they grow in shar pei fairly quickly). Do not damage the vessels (they are visible in the light).
    4. Brush your pet 1-3 times a week using a quality brush with short teeth. During the molting procedure should be carried out daily.

    The walks

    Pretty boy

    Walking should be regular and daily. Shar Pei should spend on the street at least 1-2 hours a day (it is better to walk with the pet twice). And remember that your pet needs room for fun and outdoor games to spill energy.

    A place

    Equip your pet a separate place, put a lounger, bowls with food and water, and also lay out a few toys.


    The most important moments of education:

    1. Socialization is very important, that is, schooling to society. Begin to engage in it should be from an early age.
    2. Shar Pei are the leaders, so if the owners are too soft, then the pet will dominate and command everyone. So all family members should show their superiority and show rigor when necessary.
    3. Representatives of this breed are amenable to training, but sometimes they are very stubborn. Begin training should be from 3-4 months.
    4. Have enough patience, it will definitely come in handy!

    Power Features

    Sharpei optimal nutrition is a specialized high-quality food designed specifically for members of this breed.If you prefer a natural diet, then offer the dog fresh lean meat, cereals, vegetables (not provoking increased gas formation).

    Chic dog

    Food should be thick or dry; mashed potatoes or soups can lead to indigestion. Do not give the pet a sweet, fatty, smoked, salted, pickled. Do not overfeed sharpei! If necessary, start giving your pet vitamins (as recommended by the veterinarian).

    Possible diseases and problems

    Shar Pei are sick quite often, especially with inadequate care. The most common diseases and problems:

    • Skin diseases such as pyoderma, demodicosis, seborrhea and others.
    • Dysplasia of the hip or elbow joints.
    • Tumors of internal organs and glands.
    • Diseases of the digestive system: pancreatitis, mega esophagus (increase in the size of the esophagus).
    • Allergic reactions to products or components of the environment.
    • Diseases of the eyes and eyelids, for example, glaucoma or entropion (a turn of the century that can lead to blindness and requires an operation).
    • Otitis.

    Let your pet always be healthy, satisfied and happy!

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