• Sex horoscope: the most inaccessible signs of the zodiac

    Representatives of some signs of the zodiac easily indulge in love joys, others need time to get used to the partner and his desires, and only then they are fully disclosed. Find out who holds what behavior.

    The spicy topic of sex interests everyone, and those who are not interested just hide it skillfully. Accordingly, the path to the heart and bed can vary significantly. Determine the strategy and tactics will help horoscope. So what is the sign of the zodiac who belongs to you who cares and who you want to breed for sex?

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    Fans: Aries, Cancer, Aquarius

    These signs simply adore sex, but are revealed far from for the first comer. Along with sexual attraction is an emotional connection. But when they meet, they will be happy to flirt with you. And if so, then you have all the chances to conquer them and get to the treasured bed.But only after a few dates, and perhaps never at all. You will be teased and lured by their charm, but on the nearest approaches there may be an invisible, but impregnable wall. Behavior in bed these signs differ. Among the characteristics of the sign Aries - ardor and expressiveness, willingness to dominate and take matters into their own hands. Cancer is more sensual, always looking for both physical and emotional connections in a partner. But Aquarius think, first of all, about the partner. They do everything to make it good and unforgettable!

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    Romance: Virgo, Libra, Pisces

    Before the relationship goes to intimate, a bouquet and flower period will take place and it's time to date. If at this moment the representatives of each of the signs understand that they are really dear to you, then in bed they will be given to the fullest. The matter will not cost a couple of dates, but the more they will be, the greater the surprise will be waiting for you when you still manage to translate the relationship into a horizontal plane. Also worth considering a few more nuances. Scales and Virgos are quite insatiable in sex and, until they get full satisfaction, they will not calm down.Pisces are fragile and vulnerable creatures, however big idealists, with high demands on their partner. It is important to meet their expectations and not free

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    Experimenters: Capricorn, Gemini, Taurus

    Representatives of these signs do not just love sex, but love to improve in it. Willingly go on intimate acquaintances, because every time they want to try something new: from the scene of action and ending with a variety of poses. Monotonous sex in the bedroom, in the missionary position is definitely not for them. The main feature of these signs is less egoism, more attention to the partner, as a result of which a synchronous orgasm is guaranteed! Capricorn knows his love and will greatly appreciate the one who shares his views and sexual preferences. Gemini is almost impossible to conquer, only by seducing, his partner should be an excellent conversationalist. Keep in mind that Taurus is a jealous proprietor, and if you succeeded in subduing them, there will be a lot of sex, and your refusal may have the effect of a “red rag”. Today you are tired and do not want sex? This is no accident, Taurus will immediately decide. So you have someone.

    Seducers: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

    Representatives of these signs simply radiate sex, and this attracts the attention of others. Each of them has an ardent temperament, expressiveness of nature. However, you can go to bed with one of them only if they themselves want it. They are conquerors by nature and are unlikely to be led by their partner. The process of conquest must be in their hands, and not otherwise. Therefore, you need to think not about how to breed for sex. Look for how and what to hook such a partner. Here you need to show imagination, and of course, also be attractive and sexy. When it still comes to sex, Leo will wait for you to meet the highest expectations. And, of course, the rapid recognition of their own success. Scorpio will be insatiable and inventive, but if it finds a truly partner, all the ideas that this sign is looking for pleasure will be smashed everywhere about an unexpected discovery even for him himself - he is one-lover! Sagittarius may seem cold, but in reality the representatives of this sign are skillful and inventive lovers, for whom sex is of great importance.

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