• Sentimental jewelery to express your feelings

    Irina Shchapova

    Irina Shchapova,
    journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

    Many of you will agree that a personal collection of jewelry begins to take shape even before we ourselves begin to appreciate its contents. The first in our life pendants and earrings are worn on us in early childhood, and then in adolescence and adolescence, we are given a present for our birthday, angel day, New Year and other holidays for symbolic and personalized jewelry that we keep as memory.

    The formation of our own treasury begins later and goes from the “take everything” stage to a more selective and clear “this is mine and the rest is not.” But at any time and at any age, decorations do not cease to be universal "transmitters" of feelings: love, recognition, tenderness, wishes of good luck and all the best. This is their fundamental difference from the trendy jewelry - those that we buy, succumbing to a fresh trend or a beautiful photo in a magazine.The latter is most likely created for decorative delight, while the type of jewelry that we will consider today is sentimental jewelry, it is designed to create an unbreakable bond with us. So strong that the question "And what is it to wear with?" Does not even arise.

    Rose Quartz and Diamonds Pendant

    Rose quartz is also called the stone of love and harmony, but also has healing properties attributed to it: it calms the nervous system, fights stress and extinguishes too strong emotions.

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