• Selkirk Rex - an unusual and bright breed of cats

    There are many different breeds of cats, but if you want to have an unusual pet and a true loyal friend, then pay attention to Selkirk Rex. And so that your pet feels comfortable with you, find out how to properly care for him.

    How did the breed appear?

    The Selkirk Rex breed is relatively young: the history of its development began in 1987, when an employee of a small kennel found a non-standard kitten in the litter of an ordinary domestic cat. He was different from everyone else and had an unusual coat, resembling a curly lamb. The woman decided to give the cat to Jeri Newman - an experienced breeder.

    She crossed the animal with a Persian cat, and in the litter of six kittens there were three having a wavy coat. This meant that such a sign is dominant and inherited, even if the second parent has a straight coat. But the cover was curled unevenly, which is a unique feature of the breed. The name she received in honor of the relative Newman.

    Official recognition was a unique new breed only in the early 90's, and began to actively spread to European countries only towards the end of the last century. Today, Selkirk Rex are popular and valued by both professional breeders and cat lovers.

    Character traits

    The main features of the breed Selkirk Rex:

    • Quite dense physique, well developed musculature.
    • Medium or large size. The weight of males can reach 7-8 kilograms, and females slightly less - about 3-6 kg.
    • Proportional to the body and very powerful paws, culminating in wide rounded pads.
    • Round and broad head with a rather large forehead. Cheeks are large and full, which makes the muzzle even sweeter. Eyebrows with a mustache are usually curled, like wool.
    • Rounded, with pointed tips and widely spaced ears.
    • Large, round and wide-set eyes. Their shades can be varied.
    • The tail is of medium length, rather thick at the base and tapering towards the end.
    • A distinctive feature is wool: it is wavy, sometimes even curly, but it can have impregnations of almost straight hairs.The cover is loosely attached to the body of the cat and gives it a fluffiness and volume. The length can be different: from rather short or medium to long. Curls most on the abdomen, tail and neck (in these places may be more significant and length). Colors are the most diverse, including light, dark and multicolored. Kittens are born curly, but then when changing hair curliness is lost and occurs again by about 9-10 months. But animals get their final appearance only by 1.5-2 years.

    Interesting fact: although the color of the eyes, paws and nose, as well as coat color can be almost any and not standardized, they should be harmoniously combined.


    How to care for such pets? The Selkirk Rex cat breed requires more complex grooming than some other breeds. It consists in observing several rules:

    1. Since the coat is thick, regular swimming is required, otherwise skin problems may occur. Water procedures should be carried out every one and a half to two months, using specialized shampoos for animals.
    2. Selkirk-reks are prone to shedding, so you need to regularly remove the falling hair.But do it best with a suede cloth, wiping it all over the body, or with a soft brush.
    3. You need to brush your pet regularly, as the coat can become very tangled, especially the long one. But it is important to choose a brush with natural soft bristles and make movements in the direction of hair growth in order to preserve curls. You also do not need to perform combing more than once a week, otherwise the waviness will gradually disappear.
    4. Wool grows even in the ears, and in significant quantities, and this feature can trigger sulfur accumulation and tissue infection. To avoid such problems, you should regularly and carefully clean the ears, using cotton swabs or wide sticks with limiters, soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate or in hydrogen peroxide.


    Nutrition is an important part of Selkirk Rex care. The main food can be used as a specialized and having a balanced composition of prepared food, and natural food. In the latter case, you can offer your pet boiled or boiled water, fish and meat, offal.The diet may include vegetables (preferably boiled or stewed) and cereals in the form of porridge, you can also give low-fat dairy and dairy products. Semi-finished products, sweets, fat and flour are prohibited.

    Advice: from early childhood, accustom a cat to feeding on a schedule twice a day. And control the volume of portions, since the Selkirk-reks are prone to overeating.

    Character traits

    Selkirk-reks have a fairly complaisant and calm character, they are not inclined to aggression and revenge. Such cats are tender and gentle, very loyal to the owner, and they can fully trust and show their feelings to only one family member, although they will treat the rest quite friendly, like other pets, including dogs.

    Animals of this breed are sociable and although they do not require constant attention, but they like to receive it and respond with content rumbling. Selkirk Rex is a great companion who will accompany you everywhere, happily walking on your hands and sitting on your knees or shoulders.

    Cats of this breed are patient and able to adapt to almost any conditions, they accept life as it is, without showing discontent.At the same time, Selkirk-Reks are quite energetic and active, they like to arrange fun entertainment and play, and even before old years. Animals show genuine interest to strangers and are eyeing them, but if they do not see threats to them, they are happy to contact and give themselves to be stroked.

    Possible diseases

    Since the breed is young, genetic diseases that are inherited and the characteristics of Selkirk-Rex diseases have not yet been identified. But they can inherit the diseases of their first ancestors, for example, Persian cats. Hip dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, thromboembolism are possible.

    If you decide to start a Selkirk-Rex, then he will become the most loyal friend. Take care of him and care for your pet so that it will respond to you with love and affection.

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