• Sectional fences and fences

    Agree that in our time, security is one of the most important and key moments of our life. Therefore, you need to be very careful in protecting your property. And this concerns not only private property, but also the protection of various enterprises. First of all, the territories should be delineated and protected by a fence, the safest and most relevant of which is a sectional type fencing system.

    Why does the choice fall specifically on this type of fencing? Firstly, it looks great, secondly, it is very reliable and high-quality, well, and thirdly, such a system can significantly save your budget. Take a look at and find a suitable option for you.

    High-quality galvanized steel with a polymer coating is used for this type of construction. This type of fence consists of welded sections and is filled with welded mesh. Another worthy advantage of this type of fence is that it is quite practical and does not require painting. Installation as it does not take a long time, because of its design is quite easy.And even the most not experienced "builder" will be able to cope with the assembly in the shortest possible time.

    If you are looking for a good and quality assortment of sectional fencing systems in Kiev, and other cities of Ukraine, welcome to the company "Zavod Tsentr - Sytka". The price will please you very much, and your budget can easily be secured with a 10-year guarantee for all fences.

    The company offers a choice of two types of fencing:

    - standard - have a V-shaped bend of vertical ponds, the type of construction itself, and at the same time, quite rigid. - with a double rod - it has a difference in the diameter of the wire itself and differ functional purpose.

    Section fence "fence" to choose not only experienced builders, but also beginners. After all, these fences are very simple in assembly and operation, they have a democratic price, and they also externally delight the eye. And these fences can be used for any territory, including office and residential buildings, plots, cottages, playgrounds, as well as sports, country houses, industrial facilities, recreation areas, etc.

    Elements of this design have repetitions and look great against the background of nature - trees, bushes, ponds and rivers.With the fence of Zagrad you can admire all the landscapes outside your territory from the yard, and your possessions will be entirely safe. The average time for assembling such fences is 1-2 days, but all this depends on the length of the territory .

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