• Seashell Souvenirs

    Have you ever been to the sea at least once? And souvenirs from seashells bought? And let's try to make sea souvenirs ourselves? For work we will need - sea multi-colored pebbles, shells or their fragments, admit it - after all you brought all this with you from your last vacation, and were you going to put it on the mezzanine with your suitcase? You also need an item that will be decorated (in my case, a finished plastic frame for a photo), and the glue is universal, preferably transparent - this is not visible in the gaps between stones and shells (I have a “moment-crystal”).
    Souvenirs from the sea seashells
     Seashells Souvenirs
    You can glue seashells in creative confusion, or you can lay out a particular pattern. In the case of a pattern, you can lay out the shells before applying the glue and then just glue them.If all the elements are glued in a chaotic manner (which looks no less interesting as a result), then we put glue on the base, and then, like a puzzle, we “assemble” the parts in one piece. We apply glue thickly, since seashells and pebbles are quite heavy.
     Seashells Souvenirs
     Souvenirs from seashells
    My frame had a groove around the perimeter, which I gladly filled with pieces of shells, agree that it looks more cheerful? On a smooth frame, you can lay out a strip, zigzag, or glue the shells whole. When the shells are glued (see the glue instructions), you can cover the product with a colorless varnish, or leave the natural natural dullness to taste. Everything, the frame is ready, it remains only to insert a marine photo.
     Seashells Souvenirs
     Souvenirs from Seashells
     Sea-shell souvenirs
    In this technique, you can decorate almost any objects - boxes, frames for mirrors, bathroom accessories - everything that is enough for your imagination, and seashells, of course. Small pebbles look just as impressive, but to simulate "sputum" they should be covered with transparent lacquer (furniture). Souvenirs from seashells
     Souvenirs from seashells

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