• Scramble Eggs - Great for Breakfast

    If you want to cook a delicious and hearty breakfast, scrambled eggs would be ideal. But try to cook it in a special way, please yourself or your family with scramble eggs.

    What it is?

    Scramble Eggs are a real classic of American cuisine that is usually served for breakfast. But in its essence, this is the most common scrambled eggs, or rather even an omelette, which is prepared not in the usual way, but with periodic stirring, more precisely, stirring. But in order for the dish to turn out exactly as it should be, you need to follow some rules.

    How to cook?

    How to cook scramble eggs? To do this, you need the following ingredients:

    • 2 eggs;
    • 50 milliliters of milk;
    • 40 grams of butter (you can substitute vegetable);
    • ground pepper and salt to taste.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Heat a small amount of butter in a pan.
    2. In a bowl, whip the eggs with milk to create an airy foam.
    3. Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan, distribute it on the bottom.
    4. When the eggs begin to curl up a little, start mixing them and do this with a periodicity of about 7-10 seconds. Then light aerial egg flakes are formed.
    5. Cook for about two to three minutes.

    Common mistakes

    Many try to simplify the cooking process or change the properties of the dish, but make mistakes. The most common ones are:

    • Inadequate shaking. If you do not bring this important process to the end, then there will not be air foam, that is, egg-scramble will not turn out to be airy.
    • Premature addition of salt. This can make the dish tough, practically killing all its airiness, so you need to salt and season the scrambled eggs after cooking, already on the plate.
    • Pre-whipping. You should not beat the eggs in advance, because the foam "settles", the air bubbles evaporate, and you will not achieve the desired consistency.
    • Cooking too long. If you cook scrambled eggs for too long, they will lose the tenderness, lightness and airiness characteristic of the dish, becoming rigid and practically "rubber". So it’s worthwhile to remove the pan from the heat at the moment when you thinkthat the yolk proteins are about to be prepared.
    • Cooking on high heat. It must be average, otherwise the eggs will quickly burn, and breakfast will be spoiled.
    • Use not suitable for the size of the dishes. If the pan is too large, the dish will not work air. The same can be said about small dishes.


    Some useful tips:

    1. To make scramble eggs more airy and tender, you can increase the amount of proteins.
    2. You can change the recipe and add a variety of ingredients to scramble eggs, for example, tomatoes, corn, green peas, ham, cheese, greens, and so on.
    3. You can serve this breakfast with a vegetable salad or, for example, with toast.
    4. For frying, use refined vegetable or high-quality butter, as unrefined or poor quality can give the breakfast an unpleasant taste and smell.

    Bon Appetit!

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