• Santa Claus on a bottle of champagne

    At home lay the usual caps of Santa Claus, lying and gathering dust around. Fabric attracted by its quality and bright color. It was decided to sew a cover on a bottle of champagne. Since the time was later, I did not scribble on a sewing machine and wake the neighbors. I did all the work with my hands, namely I made two lines. Yes, yes, so little work for such an enchanting Santa Claus, who brings a festive mood, not only with its appearance, but also with its contents. I suggest that you also try to sew such a nice handicraft for the New Year, and, of course, attach to the process of decorating the kids. After all, it will not be difficult for them to decorate the Santa Claus fur coat, better than I did. 1. For the case you will need: • Thread. • Scissors. • • Needle. • • Santa's hat. Sequins and glue for decorating Santa Claus fur coats.
     Santa Claus for a bottle of champagne
    2. Measure the length of the desired fur coat and cut off the top of the cap, since we do not need it.
    For the case will be needed
    3. In terms of the volume of the bottle, we cut off the excess part in this way.
    Measure the length of the desired fur coat
    4. We sew our part, figuratively speaking, again we get a cap, but smaller and with a slot in the upper part (neck).
     We cut off the excess part by the volume of the bottle
    5. Cut out 2 parts from the rest of the cap for the Santa Claus hat.
    Sew our part
    6. Of course, it is desirable to sew a white fur part of the cap, but since all the work was done by hand, without a machine, I did it easier.
     cut out 2 parts for the header
    7. Put the usual glue moment-gel and glued the lapel cap to them.
     it is desirable to sew the white fur part
    8. I punched from the wrong side and slightly tightened the thread to form the top of the cap.  I applied the usual glue moment
    9.Cut out 2 long strips of white fabric imitating fur.
    Stitched from the wrong side
    10. I stuck one strip from top to bottom, covering the seam. The second lane let on the collar of the coat of Grandfather Frost.
    Cut out 2 long stripes
    11. For beauty stuck sequins of gold color. It turned out a cute Santa Claus case for a New Year champagne bottle.
     pasted gold color sequin
    Santa Claus for a bottle of champagne

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