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    What good is a movie? What can replace the modern viewer film? Book? Unlikely. Replace the old film can only another movie. What does the viewer find in a variety of genres? Read.
    What is a tablature? How are notes recorded on a sheet? What distinguishes the tablature from the standard musical notation? Answers to these questions, as well as the consideration of a small example with comments, in an information article.
    Why love the heart? Let's discard the entire physiology, and look at the question from the man in love. What happens to his emotions, with his body? Do our feelings really depend only on the heart?
    What is a handicap? It turns out that the word handicap, of English origin, has a lot of variants of meanings, and is ambiguous in nature. How not to get confused and understand all the semantic loads, read from the review of this article.
    What is the outline, what advantages does it have? Learn how to keep this part of your student records and notebooks. And how it will be useful to you in the future, read our article.
    What is a pseudonym for a person? Options for choosing an alias and its value. What pseudonyms do people use on the network? Read whether you can express your true self with new words in the form of a new name.
    How is force measured? The article talks about the use of two common names, to refer to such a physical quantity as force. Instruments that are used to measure force.
    What is measured speed? The article talks about the various options for displaying speed. The introductory part of the article is to explain to the reader where the values ​​for representing the speeds come from.
    How to trade in Forex? The article is designed to help the novice trader in the foreign exchange market. Consideration of the underlying terminology of the Forex market. And also, an example of practical trading in the trading terminal.

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