• Salute in a dream - interpretation of a dream

    We are used to the fact that fireworks are the final part of any holiday. Adults and children love to admire the multicolored fireworks scattering lights in the sky. But in the dream book salute does not always foreshadow a celebration or triumph. Often it can be anger or bad news.

    Autumn dream

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    why dream of fireworks
    Why dream of fireworks - interpretation

    The interpretation of a dream does not bode well. Such a dream suggests that someone will be angry with you. As an option - in your life will happen out of the ordinary event.

    Dreaming longo

    To admire the lights of the salute in a dream is a good sign. Joy will come to your life. Relations with your soulmate will be strong and pleasant.

    Spring dream book

    Salute in a dream - often dreams as a forerunner of a holiday, the fun and joy of which will end quickly for you. This celebration will not leave a trace in your soul.

    Esoteric dream book

    What dreams of fireworks - to a premium or fee. Most likely, you will successfully complete a business, and the authorities will appreciate your work.Your diligence will be rewarded according to merit.

    Dream Dream Thelomena

    Salute in a dream - for happiness and joy. You will have joyful meetings with old friends and holidays. In personal life, too, everything will be great: your relationship with your soulmate will be harmonious. Dream interpretation promises fulfillment of desires, material well-being, new acquaintances with beautiful people and success in work.

    Bright and colorful fireworks symbolizes prosperity and success. A person who has seen such a dream may consider himself a favorite of Fortune. He will be able to achieve all the goals, just do not brag about it. The desire to develop, willpower, strong character - without this success will not.

    If in a dream you independently launched a salute, you will have a unique chance to be at the center of everyone's attention. Try not to drop your nose in the dirt. A favorable impression of you can bring you great benefits.

    To hear the salute, but not to see it, is a warning. You will try to deceive, but you will be able to immediately expose the catch. Be more cautious in talking to strangers, do not talk too much at work.

    Watch a long time for the salute - to a series of joyful events. Life will be calm, but joyful.

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