• Rules for the use of salicylic acid acne

    Problems of transitional age in the form of acne and acne give teenagers considerable discomfort, but it happens that this problem overtakes and adults. There are many reasons for this, but the fact remains that acne spoils the appearance and inspires uncertainty in a person.

    To get rid of them, the cosmetics industry is constantly creating more and more new drugs, the result of which is promised after the first application. But their cost is quite high, and the effect is not proven by anyone. Few know that in a home medicine chest you can easily find a cheap drug that can help fight eruptions, the name is salicylic acid.

    Features of the drug

    To receive this tool, scientists learned from the bark of willow, raspberry leaves and by synthesizing from phenol by artificial means. This organic solution as a medical preparation can be produced in the form of a liquid, a powder, a paste or an ointment and have different names,but the essence of their action is the same - to provide an anti-inflammatory, drying effect, and also to relieve itching and scaling.

    Salicylic solution helps to cope with such problems as:

    • pustules (small vesicles with pus inside);
    • traces of rash (by lightening them);
    • black dots;
    • oily skin.

    Often this drug is used in combination with glycolic acid, producing peels and helping the skin to regenerate faster.

    Rules of application

    Since salicylic solution is alcoholic, you should carefully follow the rules for its use, so as not to aggravate the existing problems:

    1. Do not completely wipe your face, use a solution better with a cotton swab.
    2. If you use this tool, refuse other cosmetic or medical preparations of similar action, so as not to overdry the skin.
    3. For use at home, you can use only low concentrated products (1-5%), because the stronger ones can damage the skin.

    What procedure to choose?

    How can salicylic acid be used? The choice of procedure depends on the degree of difficulty of the problem.


    They are effective for the localization of single acne, for this you just need to soak a cotton swab in the acid and anoint the formation to cope with such a problem is enough for a 2% solution. Flush it is not necessary. If you have acne, which, as a rule, does not appear in a single amount, then you can safely wipe them with a bandage, using a 1% weak solution. When you feel a slight tingling, wash with cool water.

    Also effective wiping is to remove postacne. They need to wipe three times a day with a cotton pad until full clarification.

    To get rid of “black dots”, you first need to steam your face over hot water with chamomile or calendula, then use a soft toothbrush and laundry soap to gently clean out the clusters of comedones. After cleaning, you need to wash with hot water and rub a 2% acid solution in the rash area. To consolidate the effect, after a few minutes you can wipe your face with cosmetic ice with herbs.


    You can do it both in the salon and at home, following the instructions for preparing the remedy and the stages of exfoliation.It is worth considering that professional products contain high concentration of acid (15-20%), which can significantly dry the skin.

    At home, you can also prepare a similar peeling, but having a more gentle effect, or use ready-made preparations based on acid.

    The salicylic component is also present in the well-known aspirin, from which you can easily prepare a cleansing mixture. To do this, take 1 tablet, pound it into powder, add tsp. water, ½ tsp honey and the same amount of aloe juice. Clean the face from make-up, cover the skin with the prepared means and massage it a little. Wash and apply a moisturizer on your face.

    This peeling gently acts on the upper layers of the dermis, cleanses the pores, and visible acne gradually disappears.

    It is worth giving up!

    But the use of salicylic solution to combat acne has a number of contraindications that are associated with the general condition of the body and features of the skin. Discard this drug in such cases:

    • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
    • dry skin type;
    • renal failure;
    • individual sensitivity to the drug.

    Salicylic acid is one of the most effective ways to eliminate lesions, post acne and black spots. In order for the result to be noticeable, it is necessary to conduct from 3 to 10 sessions every six months, then with a high degree of probability you will be able to get rid of such problems forever. You will see the effect of homemade salicylic peeling after 2 months.

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