• Ribbon Organizer

    If you are engaged in needlework, then you understand that there must always be order in the tools and materials. After all, it affects the quality of work and the speed of its implementation. And at one point you notice how a beautiful bundle of knots is made from beautiful satin ribbons, in which it is difficult to find the desired color. Tapes are confused, crumpled, and sometimes there is no other way out how to cut.
    But there is another way out that will correct this situation. In this master class, we will very simply make an organizer for ribbons. To create it we will need: • empty shoe box; • fabric; • • drawing paper; • • glue PVA; • colored cardboard; • grommets; • tools for mounting grommets; • brush. Prepare the box already attached cover. With such a box will be more convenient to work. Cut off the excess cardboard on the lid so that its edges are smooth.
     Cut off excess cardboard
    Cut out blanks for all outside sides of the box except the bottom.Apply a thin layer of glue to the surface of the box, and then glue the workpiece, pressing it down well. Sealing light pastel is necessary only if the color of the box is dark, and the fabric is light.  Cut out the Whatman
    Next we paste the entire surface with a cloth. Cut the fabric to the size of the back wall and the cover with allowances. Apply glue to the wall and cover and glue them. Smooth the surface to make it smooth. Lower allowances are glued to the bottom.  glue over the fabric Cut off the corners with an acute angle with scissors.
    Cut off the corners with scissors
    Glue all allowances to adjacent walls.
     Glue all the allowances
    This should look like the inside of the cover.
    look the inside of the lid
    Cut a fabric with a length equal to all sides of the box with allowances and a width equal to the height of the box, too, with allowances.Glue all sides of the box to the fabric, leaving the allowances free.  Cut the fabric On both sides we allow the allowances on the flat line inwards and glue the edges. allowances are bent Also cut corners at a sharp angle and glue all allowances inside the box and to the bottom.
    cut corners
    Cut a piece of cloth with a length of a box and with allowances. This will be the spine. Bending the allowances inwards, glue the spine so that one half of it is on the wall, and the other on the lid. Cut a cloth with the size of the bottom and with allowances. Glue inward, gluing loose fabric to the walls and forming corners. The surface must be smoothed. Now we need a colored cardboard. We seal the inside of the lid, so that we close the allowances.  Cut off the fabric Pasting over the colored cardboard of the wall, pressing it down well for a few seconds.Can be used for gluing cardboard glue.
     We paste over with colored cardboard
    We proceed to the installation of eyelets, what needs to be done on a hard surface, which is not a pity. For installation, there are special tools, if you do not have any, then you can do with a standard and simple set. First you need to punch a hole in the desired location. This can help a hole punch or an object that can pierce a surface.
     Go to installation of eyelets
     Proceed to install eyelets
    Insert the grommet into the hole. The cap should be on the front side, and the leg should look at you. Pick a nail, the diameter of which gradually expands and it is wider than the diameter of the leg. Insert a nail into the leg and hammer it. The leg of the grommet will diverge, knock at the end lightly on it. The master class uses a special tool for installation.
     Insert grommets
    Insert grommets of this diameter,which one you want.
     Gently fold the tape
    Gently fold the tape. It is better to fold the coils at the very bottom, pushing the ribbon into the hole. Now the tapes are in perfect order!
     Gently fold the tape
     Gently fold the tape
     Organizer for ribbons
     Organizer for ribbons

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