• Registration in the registry office

    The formalization of relations can be celebrated with a magnificent wedding or, on the contrary, modestly noted in the family circle. However, in any case, registration is required in the registry office, which will give the marriage legal status. Before going to the registry office, the future spouses should decide whether it will be a solemn ceremony with all the necessary attributes or just a painting.

    Marriage Registration Procedure

    So, in addition to the consent of the groom and the bride to marry, some formalities and procedures must be observed for registration.

    Applying to the registrar

    To start, the future spouses should appear in the registry office and apply for registration by filling in the appropriate form. This is usually done 1–2 months before the scheduled date of marriage - during this time, the newlyweds make the final decision on marriage.

    Do you always have to wait so long? No, in some cases, the registration of a marriage in the registry office can occur as soon as possible (sometimes even on the day the application is submitted).

    The reasons for such "hasty" marriages:

    • Pregnancy Bride
    • Serious illness of any of the marriages
    • Departure to duty station or business trip

    The main condition for marriage is to reach the age of 18 with the newlyweds (except for exceptional cases when the marriage is permitted from the age of 16 with the consent of the parents).

    The application form for registering a marriage in the registry office has 2 halves, which are filled by the bride and groom and are sealed with their signatures. The law provides for cases when an application is submitted in the absence of one of the spouses. For this, a special separate application form is provided, which is issued at the registry office, filled out and notarized.

    Documents for registration of marriage in the registry office

    Citizens of the Russian Federation to submit an application for registration of marriage must collect such documents:

    • Passport - Bride and Groom
    • Certificate of temporary registration - if any
    • Certificate of Divorce from a previous marriage
    • Parental permission to register a marriage - for minors who marry
    • Receipt for payment of state duty

    State fee for marriage registration in the Registry Office

    A receipt for the payment of the state duty, which is currently 200 rubles per couple (100 rubles per person), is usually attached to the application submitted to the registry office.

    Important! The term of the “action” of the state duty is limited to 3 months after its payment. Therefore, if the bride and groom did not appear in the registry office by the agreed date, but came to register the marriage a little later, the state fee will have to be paid a second time.

    Solemn registration of marriage in the registry office


    Many prefer to register in a solemn and festive atmosphere. However, here you should follow the important rules of marriage registration:

    • Arriving at the marriage ceremony 20 - 30 minutes before it starts. Otherwise, the schedule of murals will fail, and you will be forced to miss the arriving couples on time.
    • The passport of the bride and groom - the main documents for the marriage ceremony in the registry office. And, of course, wedding rings.
    • The number of people invited to the ceremonial marriage in the registry office should not exceed 15 - 20 people.

    How is the marriage registration in the registry office? The bride and groom are met by a registrar, who takes their passports and offers to wait for the “official” call for the solemn registration ceremony.

    So, to the sound of the march of Mendelssohn, the young and their guests are invited to the hall for the solemn registration of marriage.Then the moderator asks the “eternal” question of whether the desire to enter into marriage is deliberate and voluntary. After receiving a positive response from the "five minutes" of the spouses, the registrar officer offers to sign the act of registration. The newlyweds exchange rings and receive a certificate of marriage registration. All - now they are husband and wife! After that, you can drink a glass of champagne for a young family.

    Marriage registration without celebration


    Non-official registration in the registry office is distinguished by the absence of festive attributes - music, the first dance of young, glasses with champagne. A registrar will ask young people whether they agree to marry and offer to sign the book. Then newly married spouses are issued their passports with stamps and marriage certificate. Wedding rings - on request.

    Marriage registration in a non-formal environment has the same legal force as the solemn registration ceremony.

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