• Recommendations for choosing a quality coffee maker

    Coffee lovers probably want to simplify and speed up the preparation of this flavored drink. A coffee maker will help in this. But how to choose it? Let's figure it out!

    What are the?

    First of all, you need to consider the main types of existing coffee machines:

    1. Rozhkovaya coffee maker, which is also called espresso coffee maker, copes with the preparation of aromatic strong espresso, and some models are equipped with cappuccinator, feeding foam into the cup. The principle of operation of such devices is quite simple. Ground coffee beans are placed in a horn-shaped container (hence the name). Further, the process will depend on the type of coffee maker. Under the influence of heat, steam water is converted into steam, which passes through a layer of coffee, tamped in a horn, condenses and, as a finished drink, enters the cup. In the pump device, the water is heated, and then with the help of a pump under pressure is fed into the horn,passes through the ground grain and turns into a finished drink.
    2. Geyzernaya coffee maker has an uncomplicated device, and this type of enjoy great popularity. In the device, the tank is divided into parts, so the water is separated from the coffee. When turned on, it begins to heat up, expand, rise and pass through the ground grain, and then rush either into a separate compartment or into the one from which it initially moved. In the geyser-type coffee maker, by the way, you can make not only coffee, but also tea or even herbal infusion, so this unit can be considered versatile and very useful, and that is why it is considered ideal for home and families with children.
    3. Drip coffee maker. The water in it is heated to certain temperatures, condensed and under its own weight drop by drop onto the filter in which the coffee is placed. And passing through it, the liquid takes the aroma and taste and rushes into the cup.
    4. The capsule model is the most modern, and its principle of operation is as follows: coffee in a capsule is installed in a coffee maker, and then the reservoir is punctured with needles, and hot water passes through it, turning into an aromatic and tasty drink. The main advantages are ease of operation and a variety of coffee tastes.But there are also disadvantages: capsules are not sold everywhere, the device is not intended for ground organic coffee, and finding a favorite flavor is not so easy.
    5. There are combined devices, but they have a complex structure, therefore they are considered professional and suitable for restaurants and cafes.

    How to make a choice?

    How to choose a good and high-quality coffee maker, which will smoothly provide a fragrant tasty drink and serve for a long time? To make the right decision, you should answer a few questions:

    • Is the coffee maker purchased in the house or in the office? The office appliance should provide coffee for all employees, so it is important to choose a quality and durable model, and also pay attention to the brewing speed (it should be high enough so that the coffee machine does not have queues). A home model can make coffee slower.
    • Which coffee do you like more? If different varieties, then get a modern capsule coffee maker. If you like espresso, then stop the choice on the carob. If you drink not only coffee, but tea, buy a geyser model. And if you are crazy about natural coffee, then the capsule device will not suit you.
    • Features of operation.If for you the basic point is the speed of preparation of the drink, then choose a capsule coffee maker, the process in which proceeds fairly quickly. But drip type devices make coffee for a long time. Also, when buying, take into account how many people will use the device: one or all of the family at once.

    General recommendations

    First, a few general recommendations:

    1. Power affects not only the consumption of electricity, but also the strength of the drink. The lower the power, the slower the water heats up and, therefore, the longer it lingers in the coffee and takes the maximum of aromatic and flavor properties from it. If you like light drinks, then choose coffee machines with high power.
    2. The volume of the water tank directly affects the number of servings of the finished coffee.
    3. Materials Parts of the device can be made of plastic, glass, metal. A plastic coffee maker will have a small weight, but if the material is of poor quality, then the finished coffee may acquire a characteristic unpleasant taste. Metals are strong, durable and reliable, and stainless steel is considered the best.
    4. Cord length and the possibility of automatic winding.
    5. If you need a better and more convenient coffee maker, then pay attention to additional features. Modern appliances can be equipped with options such as self-cleaning, heating the finished coffee or maintaining its temperature, built-in coffee grinder (there are models in which you need to lay natural ground grains), a water level indicator, stopping the process, automatic shutdown in case of overheating or lack of water, and drop-stop system, which stops the flow of the drink, if you remove the cup from the tray.

    Different types of devices have distinctive features, so it is worth considering separately some varieties.

    Capsule Coffee Makers

    Before buying, find out which capsules need to be purchased. With some devices they are included, but, of course, in limited quantities.

    Carob devices

    If you opt for such a device, the fundamental parameters will be:

    • Grinding. For this type of suitable only a certain type of grinding, and it should be clarified before the acquisition.
    • The horn can be made of plastic and metal, but the latter option is preferable, since this material is more durable and makes the taste of the drink rich, and also warms up quickly and maintains the temperature, which affects the strength.
    • The double nozzle will allow to cook at the same time two portions of drink at once.
    • A cappuccinator will help make a delicious cappuccino.


    When buying this type, follow these criteria:

    • Flask. It is better to choose a device with a glass container, equipped with a heat-resistant handle. The volume depends on the number of people using the device.
    • Filters are disposable, reusable nylon (can be used up to 50-60 times) and intended for long-term use.
    • The basket of the filter holder should be fixed in the housing, floating and equipped with a valve, which provides the ability to move the tank with coffee and avoid contamination (before the basket had to be removed).

    Geyser equipment

    When purchasing a geyser coffee maker, pay attention to several important points:

    • Dimensions. The device assumes the use of a certain volume of water and is designed for a fixed number of cups, so analyze your needs in advance.
    • The water level will allow you to control the volume of liquid in the device and prevent breakdowns.
    • The lid and the handle of the device should consist of strong and not heated during operation of materials, otherwise there will be a risk of burns.

    Choose the right coffee maker and enjoy delicious, aromatic coffee without too much effort.

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