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    In contrast to the modern delicacies of sweet tooth, they put cakes of the Soviet era. Of course, they were created only from natural products, they corresponded to GOST and underwent fairly strict quality control, therefore their taste properties were at their best. What to do now to all those who miss the "Leningrad", "Kiev", "Anthill"? Try to create a culinary masterpiece yourself. Make it easy, because the recipes of cakes of the Soviet time are preserved. To bring them to life skillful housewives is not difficult. Also there is a photo of cakes of the Soviet time.

    Soviet-time cakes
    Soviet-time cakes
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    120 gramsSugar270 gramsMilk125 millilitersChicken eggs4 pieces)Butter200 gramsVanilla sugar1 bagEgg yolk2 pieces)Cocoa powder1 tspSyrup2 tsp.Cognac1 tbsp.
    • Servings:
    • Cooking time:12 minutes

    Cakes of the Soviet time: "Fairy Tale"

    Cooking this dessert is easy, but you have to spend time.

    Cooking sponge cake

    It will require:

    • 120 g of flour and sugar;

    • 4 eggs.

    You can insure and add 1 tsp of baking powder. Add 2/3 of sugar into yolks and beat them until they are white. Separately, beat the whites with the remaining sugar. Mix all together by adding flour.

    You need to bake a biscuit for about half an hour (depending on the oven). The optimum temperature is 180 degrees Celsius. The cake should be left on time (8-12 hours) so that it reaches the desired condition.

    Cut corners from the cooled biscuit, achieving a semicircular shape. These strips chop and fry. Add cocoa powder to them. Baby is useful for sprinkling.

    "Fairy" syrup

    Necessary to make the cake juicy, soak them. 100 g of sugar is dissolved in boiling water (approximately 115 g) and 1 tbsp added. spoon brandy. The mixture is cooled. She is well impregnated with all cakes.

    Cream making

    He received a special name - "Charlotte". You will need:

    • Milk - 125 g;

    • butter - 200 g;

    • sugar - 170 g;

    • vanilla sugar - 1 bag;

    • egg yolks - 2;

    • cocoa powder - 1 tsp;

    • jam or liquor syrup - 2 tsp;

    • Cognac - 1 tbsp. a spoon.

    2 types of sugar poured into a container where the milk.There are added yolks, and the mixture is boiled for about 3 minutes. The oil should be softened and slowly pour in the cooled milk-egg mixture, and in the end - brandy. The resulting cream is divided in half. Cocoa powder is added to one part, the mass is whipped again. From a white cream to separate a small portion (about 2 tablespoons) and tint them with liquor.

    White cream well miss the bottom 2 cakes. For the sides, you will need brown cream, then sprinkle them with crumbs obtained from biscuit. On top of the product is decorated with kornetik cream chocolate shade (for applying stripes), with color cream (for flowers and petals). Decorate "Fairy Tale" candied fruit.

    Cake: "Anthill"

    Take a look at the cakes of the Soviet time in the photo. Do you want to enjoy such a dessert again? Then it is worth cooking "Anthill". It will require:

    • 800 g of flour;

    • Can of condensed milk;

    • 250 g margarine or butter;

    • 0.5 cup sour cream;

    • Grated chocolate for sprinkling.

    Most of the butter (200g) melt and pour flour into it, then pour sour cream. Cool for an hour and scroll through the meat grinder dough. Bake the resulting mass in the oven. Crumble chopped.

    For the cream you need to cook condensed milk. It is whipped with the remaining oil. Pieces of crushed cake are mixed with the mixture, sprinkled with chocolate chips on top. Put the mass in the form of a slide and put on 2 hours in the cold.

    Cakes, beloved by us in the past, can be an excellent delicacy today.

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