• Real stories: how to become happy and sexy

    Freed from fear and stereotypes through the knowledge of her feminine nature, Olga discovered a completely new Woman. Sensual and deep, able to enjoy and enjoy, create around themselves a cozy and warm space, and most importantly - create and be in harmony with each other.

    Real stories: how to become happy and sexy

    “My female condition aroused interest among friends and acquaintances, they began to ask for individual consultations. Thus, “serious” work remained in the background, and women's trainings came to the first. The secret of gaining female happiness was interesting to everyone, and the stories of happy transformations added experience to my professional piggy bank. Having completed my studies at the Coaching Academy in Switzerland and received several coaching diplomas at well-known Moscow schools, I opened the Academy of Women's Happiness, in which every woman can get support and a suitable program for studying and discovering the source of her feminine energy. ”

    5 Steps to Knowing Yourself

    The path to women's self-knowledge begins with the acceptance of ourselves and the desire to know ourselves, as it was with our heroines. We systematized the received information and came to the conclusion that it’s worth to take five steps to start:

    • Accept your femininity and desire to reveal her.
    • To master various women's practices for self-knowledge, filling women's energy and motivation for personal success. For example, conduct morning meditation of happiness, energy ritual (express the Universe thanks for the day ahead, thank her for your beauty, mind, body; forgive and release everything that happened yesterday; visualize your day, meetings and events, it will help you to tune in the right wave ); turn off the inner monologue that stops everything.
    • Feel free to know your body. Disclosing one's own sexuality greatly enhances self-esteem. Start with enhancing tactile sensitivity, learning your own erogenous zones, intimate muscle training, tantric practices.
    • Understand what qualities and behavioral skills you would like to master in order to properly live through any situations and direct them in the direction you want.
    • Create your own ritual, which will give you positive emotions and help nurture the real Woman in yourself. It can be a bath with a foam, a delicious cake (yes, we remember that sweet is banned), fresh flowers in the apartment, gifts for no reason ... - choose what you will indulge in yourself. Just.

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