• Pros and cons of ampelous plants

    Each hostess tries to create beauty and comfort in the house. And since fashion touches all spheres of life, it has even reached the colors that often decorate the porches of private houses, the attic and the arbor in the country. One of the latest trends in this direction are ampelous plants, which will enliven dull walls and present aesthetic pleasure. But even those who do not have their manor or cottage, gardeners are advised not to be lazy, and plant these wonderful plants in their balcony or even windowsill.

    Flower decoration

    First of all, let's see what ampels are? Quite simply, these are ornamental plants that have curly shoots. You can grow them in hanging pots, vases, various drawers, as well as simply sowing next to the wall of the house and pulling several vertical threads.

    What kind of flowers are related to this species?

    1. Petunia. The most common flower that often decorates houses, villas, entrances to shops and summer cafes.It is beautiful in that it has many different shades, is unpretentious and blooms until the onset of severe cold in late autumn. All petunia needs is heat and light.
    2. Surfinia. Another type of Ampel, which is very similar to petunia. Their difference lies in size, surfiniya can grow a huge bush, up to 1 m in length and has much more flowers.
    3. Geranium. This plant in Soviet times was one of the most popular indoor decorations, and proudly flaunted on the high-rise balconies. Geranium perfectly tolerates even the most severe drought, and loves moderate watering.
    4. Begonia. Juicy asymmetric leaves, lush peduncles, various forms and color make it very popular among gardeners. It is a pleasure to care for her, it is enough to choose a place where the sun will warm her early in the morning and after lunch. The soil is better to choose a light and humus. Remember that in the shade begonia will lose its decorative properties.
    5. Lobelia. It is often called the flowering ball for lazy gardeners. The flowers are small, but very dense and beautiful, often have a blue hue, but can be purple or white. In order for lobelia to please you with its flowering, it is necessary to provide it with suitable soil - loose, nutritious, but without humus, as well as timely watering.
    6. Verbena.This is an annual plant, the length of the stems of which reaches half a meter. Blooms in pink, red, purple or blue flowers. She is especially loved by butterflies. In addition, the verbena pleases with its appearance for quite a long time - from early spring to autumn. How to grow such beauty at home? You just need to sow the seeds and wait for the seedlings to ascend. After that, it is transplanted into hanging pots, waiting for flowering, enjoying the view and fragrance.

    Vertical gardening: advantages and disadvantages

    If you decide to decorate your house or plot with ampelous plants, you can be sure that this will bring you only pleasure and a minimum of hassle. Here are some significant advantages:

    • no need to weed the beds and monitor the timely removal of weeds;
    • you get a full-fledged natural decor, which leaves a free land area;
    • With the help of ampelous plants, it is possible not only to decorate the site, but also to hide any flaws or defects of the house or fence.

    Moreover, such a lesson is possible even for beginners, who will be pleased with the result of labor. The drawbacks of the weaving colors are quite a bit:

    • most flowers are annuals, which means they will need to be sown again next season;
    • Some plants quickly bloom, so they will have to either be replaced by others, or removed for a while before the appearance of new flower stalks, if you do not want to spoil the general floral pattern.

    Grow ampelous plants may well be in the garden, for this they need vertical fences, fences or special grids.

    To create beauty is very simple, the main thing is to have a desire to please yourself and loved ones, because the atmosphere prevailing around directly affects our mood, and even our well-being. Create happiness with your own hands!

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