• Proper care of the lips: a few tips

    According to statistics, men most of all in women like breasts, pop, eyes and lips. Female lips are an object of desires, because a sweet kiss is associated with them. The lips of each woman are individual, they are narrow, plump, normal. Men like different. But, regardless of the form, a real woman, they must be well-groomed. Many women do not attach special attention to this part of the face.

    Lipstick with lipstick or gloss, that's all care. After a while, it is not clear where the cracks appear on them, they become dry, and even worse a cold. The reason for the occurrence of these unpleasant features is that women's mouths, like the body, face, are exposed to harmful factors and need protection.

    Lips need constant hydration, because their skin does not have sebaceous glands, respectively, dries quickly. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles. To avoid this, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations for care.

    Peculiarities of care

    Lips are always paid special attention. They characterize the sensuality of women and are associated with sex. In addition, the face has always been and will be the most attracted part of the body.

    Lip Massage and Gymnastics

    Any part of our body needs training. As you understand lips are not an exception. Everyone knows the fact that when a woman grows older, her lips thin. Also, a large number of wrinkles are formed in the mouth area. So that this does not happen to you, you should do gymnastics once a day. Here are some exercises:

    • Everybody knows how to blow out candles. True, we do it rarely. And here in vain, this is a wonderful exercise for the elasticity of the lips. Imagine a candle or fire in front of you and try to blow it out 10 times.
    • We collect a mouthful of air and begin to quickly exhale, putting pressure on the lips. Repeat 5 times.
    • We repeat the alphabet, only not in the mind, but loudly and clearly. Do not hesitate to open your lips wide and strain your face muscles. 5 reps you must do in one go.
    • We twist the lips into a pipe and now, in this form, lift them up, down, left and right. Perform circular motions. Repeat 5 times.
    • Kiss as often as possible. This is the most useful and beautiful exercise.

    After gymnastics be sure to spend a light massage. We take a toothbrush, apply a nourishing cream on it and massage it with sponges in a circular motion. This will increase blood circulation in the mouth. It is useful to apply oil or balsam overnight.

    Stop biting and licking your lips. So you will not seduce anyone, but harm your lips. First of all, in this way, you are spreading germs and bacteria that cause inflammation.

    Home Care Products

    To care for using herbs. For example, to get rid of the wound you need to the damaged place, apply cotton wool dipped in broth chamomile and calendula.

    You can make a home lip scrub. Use it once a week. Take flakes (preferably oatmeal) chop to a state of flour. Add to the oatmeal liquid honey (1 tsp) and cream. On a warm napkin, attached to the lips, put the scrub with your finger, slightly massaging the mouth.

    Sponge like kiwi. Crush one fruit, add liquid honey and apply a mask for 5-7 minutes. After that, apply balm on the lips.

    Also useful curd mask. Mix curd mass with carrot juice and leave it for 10 minutes.Nourishing and moisturizing complex is provided to your lips.

    Every morning, wipe your lips with frozen natural juice.

    Ustam likes oil. Therefore, lubricate them with olive oil with added droplets of vitamins C, A, E.

    A honey mask would be useful. Coat them with honey. Not difficult, but very effective.

    Care for your lips with honey.

    Do not neglect professional care products. All cosmetic brands produce similar products. Protective balms, collagen creams, scrubs, oil. Pick for yourself a suitable tool.

    Buy medical cosmetics. Let vitamins be present at your brilliance and lipstick. Their price will be higher, but the beautiful sponges and the ideal personal life are worth it.

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