• Principles of nutrition after exercise

    Sport is life, and this is known to many. But equally important and proper nutrition. Professional athletes are well aware that if you use certain foods, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of training, quickly get rid of extra pounds or build muscle. And how and what to use?

    This is an important point

    Food before workouts

    Before describing food after class, it is worth saying a few words about how to eat before them. After all, if this is not paid attention, then all efforts will be in vain. Here are some basic rules:

    • The last time before class is recommended to take food no later than 2-2.5 hours before a workout. If you decide to eat right before class, then nothing good will come of it. First, carbohydrates will not have time to transform into energy necessary for the work of muscles, and secondly, it is hard and even harmful to exercise with a full stomach.
    • In the composition of the products must certainly be carbohydrates, they are necessary for energy production, without which the work of the muscles is simply impossible.But such carbohydrates should not complicate the process of digestion, that is, foods should be easily digested. It has been proven that the best sources of carbohydrates in this case are bananas, apples, potatoes (preferably steamed or baked), as well as raisins or white rice.
    • Sports nutrition must necessarily include protein foods, since protein is a real building material for all cells, it also enters the muscle tissue. Protein products must also be easily digestible. You can eat some boiled fish, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese or yogurt. But it is better to refuse meat products, they are digested for a long time.
    • It is better to drink only water, give up sugary drinks altogether, they will not give anything but extra calories.

    Nutrition after exercise to increase muscle mass

    Because citruses lose weight

    Drying is not easy, muscle mass is not as easy to build as we would like. And the right training is just half the battle. It is important to adjust your diet. Below are a few basic and important principles.

    1. There is such a thing as an "anabolic window". At this time, all the nutrients coming from the food are absorbed much faster and better and go not to "stock", but to provide all the necessary muscles.But do not try to eat to satiety, it will not lead to anything good. But to eat a little immediately after a workout would be quite useful. Be sure to eat carbohydrates, you already know why. You can eat porridge or mussels, bananas, bran bread or rice.
    2. If your main goal is a rapid build-up of muscle mass, then you can eat even the so-called fast carbohydrates, they stimulate the production of the insulin hormone, which is necessary for proper processing of energy. If the carbohydrate reserves are not replenished, the body can begin to consume those that are available. And this will lead to a reduction in muscle mass, which you absolutely do not need. Products containing faster carbohydrates include honey, sweet juices, rice, confectionery and bakery products (especially white bread), as well as potatoes.
    3. Do not forget about proteins, they provide recovery of muscle tissue after intense loads. Preferred protein food, which is easily absorbed. For example, you can eat eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, boiled fish.
    4. Do not forget to replenish fluid reserves! Drink simple purified water, juices are also acceptable in moderation.By the way, you shouldn't drink food with water, it can suppress the production of gastric juice and, thus, complicate and slow down digestion processes, which you do not need at all. It is best to drink in between meals.
    5. After about 1.5-2 hours, even if you refresh yourself immediately after classes, you will in any case feel hungry. Allow yourself to fully eat. The best option is a piece of boiled meat or boiled fish with vegetables. Meat or fish are proteins, and vegetables are vitamins, which are also necessary for constant training. You can drink all this with a glass of fruit juice.
    6. Forget fatty foods, fats slow down the process of digesting carbohydrates and proteins and are almost immediately deposited in fatty tissues. So exclude fatty meat, lard, sour cream, sauces and so on.
    7. Approximately for two or three hours after exercise, it is strongly recommended not to drink drinks and products containing caffeine. The fact is that it prevents the loading of glycogen into the muscles and other tissues, which ensures their nutrition. So give up chocolate, cocoa, coffee and tea.

    Nutrition after exercise to reduce body weight

    Follow the recommendations

    What should be proper nutrition after a workout in case you need to get rid of extra pounds? To lose weight requires compliance with some rules. Here are a few highlights:

    1. The peculiarity of intensive and sufficiently long training is that even after the end of training the body works in such a way that fats and carbohydrates continue to burn for some time. And if at the same time they will not come from outside with food, then those extra pounds will certainly start to leave. And if you decide to refresh yourself immediately after training, especially something sweet or fat, then consider that all the most difficult exercises you performed in vain. And if you wait a couple of hours, then something will have time to use up and burn.
    2. Even for burning fat, you should not completely refuse to eat. If you exercise, then you definitely need to eat. If you decide to go on a hunger strike, you can literally start to “swell up from hunger”. This is due to the fact that in such harsh conditions, with a constant shortage of energy, the body can begin to work in such a way that literally everything that comes from food will immediately be deposited "in stock."So you need to eat, but rightly so.
    3. So how can you eat two hours later? Carbohydrates should be as limited as possible, it is better to use them in the first half of the day, before training. But lean and not heavy for digestion protein food is useful and necessary: ​​eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, boiled fish, low-fat varieties of meat. All this can be eaten with vegetables. If training occurs in the evening, then at night you can drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.
    4. Do not forget to drink! This can and should be done immediately after exercise, as a deficiency of moisture can lead to dehydration.

    Useful recommendations

    Products must be natural

    Some recommendations about nutrition:

    • Try to eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. But off-season will not be useful, so that in such periods it is worth taking additional vitamin supplements or complexes.
    • Do not eat "to dump". As soon as you feel a light satiety, finish the meal.
    • All dishes are best steamed or in the oven. Reject the roast completely, it is harmful not only for athletes, but also for everyone else.

    Eat right to workout effectively.

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