• Prince Harry called his ex-girlfriend before the wedding

    As you know, Prince Harry invited his former girls to the wedding - Chelsea Davey and Cressida Bonas. But you do not know that the previous evening he called one of them to say goodbye. The younger grandson of Elizabeth II dialed the number of Chelsea, the daughter of tycoon Charles Davey, whom he had known since childhood and had been dating for almost seven years. It was Chelsea who should have told him “yes” in the chapel of St. George in Windsor, but fate overpowered everything, introducing the prince to American actress Megan Markl.

    According to Vanity Fair, Harry phoned Chelsea on the eve of the wedding, in the evening, and the conversation of former lovers turned out to be quite emotional. The girl was filled with memories, she burst into tears and said that she could not attend the celebration. However, in the morning Chelsea changed her mind, but it was still difficult to restrain her emotions. At the wedding ceremony, she sat with such a face that she became the heroine of memes about how it feels to be present at the wedding of the former, who will marry another.After parting with Harry in the summer of 2010, Chelsea admitted in an interview that she did not present herself as a princess. Perhaps looking at Megan Markle, who defiles to the altar in a Givenchy dress arm in arm with Prince Charles, she regretted her words.

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