• Postcard by May 9 do-it-yourself veterans of children - a master class with photos and videos. How to make paper volume card for Victory Day

    O9M-026The best gift for veterans on Victory Day is a postcard from May 9, made with their own hands by children in kindergarten or school. How to make it from scrap materials, our interesting and informative workshops with step-by-step instructions, photos and videos will tell. Having studied the description of the process, you will learn how to create not only simple postcards-applications, but also more complex works with volumetric colors, pigeons, St. George ribbons and other elements characteristic of the holiday. We bring to your attention simple lessons for preschoolers and pupils of grade 1, and for older kids, we recommend you to pay attention to the original options for making paper and CD cards.

    A simple postcard on May 9 with your own hands for children - a step-by-step workshop with a photo of kindergarten

    An accessible and simple master class tells how to make a beautiful and bright themed postcard for the 9th of May in kindergarten. The work takes very little time and contains a minimum of details. The caregiver's help may be needed only at the stage of cutting out small parts from paper (lily of the valley buds and small stalks). With all the rest the guys can easily cope on their own.


    The necessary materials for making their own hands a simple postcard to the Victory Day

    • colored cardboard
    • set of colored paper
    • scissors
    • simple pencil
    • PVA glue

    Step-by-step instructions on how to make a beautiful postcard for children on May 9 with their own hands.

    1. From a blue cardboard sheet, cut a blank basis for a future postcard - a vertical rectangle measuring 20x30 centimeters. On white paper, draw five flowers with a simple pencil, in the shape of the lily buds corresponding to the buds, and carefully cut them with scissors. From a green paper of light shade, cut a wide leaflet, from dark green paper - a narrower sheet and a thin curved strip, which then becomes a stem for a sprig of lily of the valley. From red paper cut a large number "9".From a black paper cut a short wide ribbon with pointed edges, and paste on top two orange stripes to make the famous St. George ribbon.O9M-021
    2. Place the cardboard blank for the card vertically. At the bottom, almost at the very edge, glue the St. George ribbon so that its edges slightly extend beyond the edges of the cardboard. On the right side, glue a light green leaf, and next to it is a dark one. Make it so that the second sheet is slightly found at first. Put the work under the load so that all elements are well glued to the base.O9M-022
    3. Then, over the tape and leaves, glue a large number of "9" and again send the work under the load.O9M-023
    4. At the final stage, attach a thin green striped stalk to the upper part of the ninth, and place buds of lilies of the valley under it.

    Bright postcard on May 9 with paper and cardboard


    From paper and cardboard you can make a beautiful and bright postcard dedicated to the Victory Day. It contains the most basic attributes of the holiday - carnations, St. George ribbon and the date of the celebration itself. The finished work looks spectacular and causes the most pleasant impressions of both veterans and young people.

    Necessary materials for making a beautiful postcard to the Victory Day

    • white cardboard
    • colored cardboard set
    • a set of gouache paints
    • brush
    • pink and green braid
    • glue
    • billets (figure "9" and bow of the St. George's ribbon)

    Step-by-step instruction, how to make a postcard from paper and cardboard for May 9

    1. From a cardboard sheet of blue color, cut a blank basis for a future postcard - a rectangle 20x25 centimeters.
    2. From the dark red cardboard cut three flowers of carnations and three small petals. Cut out three light petals of medium size from light red cardboard.
    3. From white cardboard cut two large flowers of carnations and draw additional petals with bright pink paint.
    4. Glue all the large flowers on the blue cardboard so that they form a bouquet. On dark red flowers stick light red petals, and then again dark red ones of the smallest size.
    5. Cut five triangles out of green cardboard and stick them to the bottom of the flowers.
    6. Cut out five long stripes from a green ribbon and glue them under each bud so that they fit together in a single bouquet.
    7. The place of intersection of all the stems to disguise a bow of St. George ribbon.
    8. Stick figure “9” in the lower right corner and sign the name of the month under it with a marker.
    9. From a sheet of yellow cardboard, cut out a 2 centimeter-wide frame corresponding to the size of the postcard for all other parameters. Glue to the blue cardboard, and decorate with pink braid on top of the perimeter.

    How to draw a postcard from 9 May with my own hands - a master class on video for class 1

    As in the first class, quickly and without special difficulties draw a card in honor of the Victory Day, tell this master class. The author of the video-clip literally in a few minutes on a sheet of the most ordinary paper with colored pencils and a pen creates a thematic image - a red five-pointed star decorated with the traditional symbol of victory, the St. George ribbon. Above the picture is crowned with a congratulatory line: "Since May 9th". Of course, such a postcard looks very modest, but the main thing here is that the child made it from the beginning to the end with his own hands, putting into work a piece of his soul and the most sincere attitude towards the veterans.

    A beautiful thematic card for May 9 with their hands to the veteran - a simple children's master class


    To please the veteran and originally congratulate him on Victory Day, you can use the following simple workshop and make an elegant and attractive card for the elderly defender of the Homeland in honor of May 9th. The peculiarity of this work is that the card is supplied with a magnetic tape, thanks to which it can be attached to any metal surface. This means that a pleasant gift will not be lost among other greetings and will delight the hero of the occasion with a reminder of your good attitude and attention.

    The necessary materials for making handmade cards in honor of May 9 for the veteran

    • glue stick
    • scissors
    • multi-colored cardboard
    • Corrugated paper green and red
    • set of colored paper
    • magnetic tape
    • stickers

    Step by step instructions on how to make a veteran a beautiful themed postcard on Victory Day

    1. From a sheet of black cardboard, cut out a rectangular shaped piece with a size of 15x25 centimeters. Sharp corners cut to the base turned into an octagon.From the yellow colored paper, cut out the same octagon only a little smaller and glue it onto the cardboard blank so that there is a thin black frame around the edges. From black paper cut two curved long stripes 0.5 cm wide, and from orange one three exactly the same. Glue them in the lower right corner, forming one of the main symbols of victory - St. George ribbon.O9M-013
    2. To make a carnation, add a wide strip of red corrugated paper in several layers and make frequent shallow incisions along one wide edge.O9M-014
    3. Fold the red paper in the bud, and from the green cut a few leaves and a narrow long strip. Tightly wrap a prepared clove with it so that it does not break up, and glue the edge under the petals.O9M-016
    4. Glue the made buds to the postcard, placing them just above the St. George ribbon. Spread thin petals with gentle movements to make the flower look luxuriant and volume.O9M-017
    5. Attach a paper sticker in the upper left corner of the postcard and write some warm words on it by hand with congratulations and wishes for the veteran.O9M-018
    6. From the back of the postcard, glue the tape so that the hero of the occasion could attach the postcard to any metal surface and enjoy this gift not only on a holiday, but also on weekdays.

    Original card by May 9 do it yourself stage by stage - master class to school


    Victory Day postcard made from a compact disc and colored paper looks very original, bright and unusual. How will schoolchildren make such a spectacular souvenir with their own hands, tell a step-by-step master class.

    The necessary materials for the phased production of the original cards from May 9

    • set of colored paper
    • red cardboard
    • green and yellow corrugated paper
    • Moment glue
    • CD
    • scissors
    • St. George's Ribbon

    Step-by-step instructions on how to make an original postcard for Victory Day with your own hands

    1. On a sheet of red cardboard draw a figure 9 approximately 10-12 centimeters high and gently cut it with scissors.
    2. Glue the nine in the middle on the right side of the disk (or on the place where there are visible surface errors).
    3. Cut out about a dozen small leaves from pressed green paper and randomly paste them onto a disk, joining two or three pieces together.
    4. Cut out the required number of flowers from pink colored paper and slightly lift up their petals with your hands to create a feeling of volume. Glue blanks to disk, forming from them a branch of a flowering tree.
    5. From yellow corrugated paper cut out small pieces of arbitrary shape. There should be as many of them as there are flowers. Roll the yellow fragments into small balls with your fingers and glue them in the middle of each flower.
    6. From the St. George ribbon fold flat loop and glue in the bottom of the composition.
    7. To postcard could be hung on the wall, window or door, attach on the back of the disk a small but reliable loop of tape or rope.

    Volume card on May 9 do it yourself for the competition in stages


    For the school competition on the occasion of the Victory Day celebration, you can make yourself a very interesting and original exhibit - a voluminous postcard from May 9. The work is not difficult, but requires perseverance and accuracy. The finished product looks attractive and fully reflects the idea of ​​a great and glorious holiday.

    Necessary materials for the volume postcard in honor of Victory Day for the competition

    • cardboard sheet
    • set of colored paper
    • scissors
    • glue
    • marker
    • sheet of decorative paper in shades of St. George ribbon

    Step-by-step instruction on how to make your own hands a large postcard on the occasion of a school competition

    1. From red paper cut several blanks in the form of carnations. Cut a long strip of 4x20 centimeters from green paper and make two long, deep cuts on one narrow side. Three small five-pointed stars are cut from a sheet in the St. George ribbons. Separately prepare a white rectangle and write a congratulatory inscription on it.
    2. Take a sheet of white paper, the size of the future postcard. Carefully fold it in half in half and make several cuts on it: two long at the edges, one short near the center and two more medium nearer to the right edge of the work.
    3. Expand the paper on the type of book and carefully pull the cut pieces forward, thus creating a volume and perspective for the card.
    4. A sheet of colored cardboard bend in half and glue to it paper blank. Carefully smooth out all the bumps and make sure that there are no waves or bubbles anywhere.
    5. Stick three stars on the front part of the narrow middle step on the right side of the work.
    6. Attach the buds of red carnations to the short and wide steps in the center, and paste green paper stems from the diagonal bottom. Hold the glueing points with your fingers so that they grab and fix in this position.
    7. To the thin paper parts of the substrate projecting forward, glue the workpiece with a greeting or a greeting inscription. Leave the work on a flat surface so that it is completely dry. After that pass to the competition.

    Touching postcards by May 9 do-it-yourself with a dove - a master class for children


    How to make by yourself a very touching and gentle postcard in honor of May 9, our step-by-step master class with a photo will tell. The basis of the composition here is the dove of peace, carrying in its beak a fertile palm branch, symbolizing peace, tranquility and prosperity. The complement is served by bright flowers, personifying the awakening of nature towards good news. The postcard does not contain any traditional military symbols and contains a very strong message of positive, joy and hope for a bright future without wars and tragedies.

    The necessary materials for making a touching card with a dove on Victory Day

    • blue rectangular cardboard blank
    • white printer paper
    • set of two-sided colored paper for creativity
    • simple pencil
    • compass
    • glue
    • wax crayons
    • scissors

    Step-by-step instructions on how to make a postcard with a dove for Victory Day

    1. On a sheet of pink paper with a compass, draw 15 circles with a diameter of 4 centimeters and carefully cut them with sharp scissors.O9M-001
    2. Form volumetric petals. To do this, fold each circle exactly in half, bend a small edge, glue it, and then unfold it. Do the same with all the circles.O9M-002
    3. From the remnants of pink paper cut another 3 circles with a diameter of 3 centimeters. At the edges about the same distance to put one drop of glue.O9M-003
    4. For each of the circles, glue the 5 petals so that each one of them finds the one on the previous one.O9M-004
    5. A small piece of yellow paper roll up into a tight ball and glue with the help of glue in the middle of each flower.O9M-005
    6. On a sheet of white paper with a simple pencil to draw a dove in two copies.O9M-006
    7. The image of the first bird is cut strictly along the contour, and the second in the wings area retreat from the edge of 1-2 millimeters so that one of the pigeons turns out slightly less than the other.O9M-007
    8. On the wings and tail of the smaller dove, make a few notches and slightly twist the paper with your fingers to make it curl.O9M-008
    9. Finished pigeons glue together with the help of glue, leaving the feathers, tail and beak free and not adjacent to each other.O9M-009
    10. Take a blue rectangular cardboard and outline the conditional arrangement of the composition. After that, it should become clear how much space will remain.O9M-010
    11. Wax crayon dark blue in the center of the sheet to write "May 9." With the help of a yellow chalk to give letters a three-dimensionality. Red chalk just above the inscription portray the sun with rays. On the right side, closer to the edge, glue the dove, and on the left side from the middle, from top to bottom, glue the flowers with petals. Cut a twig from green paper and paste it into the dove's beak.O9M-011
    12. Leave the postcard on the table for a short while so that the glue dries well. Then present the product to someone as a gift or present it as a copy to the school competition.

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