• Plastic Bottle Crafts


    Thermoshrinkable bundles from plastic bottles
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    Plastic bottle shrink sleeves

    I had an idea how to make shrinkable clamps that could be used for various economic purposes. The idea is based on the ability of PET plastic to compress when exposed to hot air. Experienced I came up with three types
    Twisted bundle for wires from a plastic bottle
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    A twisted wiring harness for wires from a plastic bottle

    Very useful and necessary in the farm harnesses for grip wires can be made from a plastic bottle. The harnesses can be of virtually any size and can accommodate any number of wires in them. Anyone who has a computer at home, I recommend taking
    Knife for cutting the tape from plastic bottles
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    Plastic bottle cutting knife

    You can meet bottles from drinks today anywhere. From food packaging, they often turn into garbage that litters public places - parks, beaches and other recreational facilities. However, some people find them a special application, considering them far
    A device for cutting plastic bottles into a tape

    Plastic bottle cutting device

    A plastic bottle is probably the most common material for crafts. Brushes and brooms made from such bottles are especially popular. To make a brush or brush, the plastic bottle must first be cut into ribbons for a start.
    Broom from plastic bottles
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    Broom from plastic bottles

    A very simple and durable broom for a house can be made with your own hands in a very short time. I think there is plenty of material like a plastic bottle. Such a broom sweeps just fine. Better to clean your yard of garbage
    Amplifier for Wi-Fi from a plastic bottle

    Amplifier for Wi-Fi from a plastic bottle

    Hello everyone! I want to tell you one more way how to increase the distance of connection with your Wi-Fi router without special efforts. The idea is very simple: we will make a reflector or reflector from a plastic bottle and foil. Next, add it to the existing
    Large plastic pipe table

    Large plastic pipe table

    This is not the first time I've been doing something from PVC pipes. And I decided to share a new creation. As the name of the master class shows, I will tell you how to make a large table out of a hollow door and plastic pipes. This table can be used as you like:
    Holder for a PVC pipe screwdriver

    PVC pipe screwdriver holder

    In this workshop, I’ll tell you how you can make a holder for a cordless screwdriver out of PVC pipe. For this project you will need the following. Materials: PVC pipe with a diameter of 75 mm.
    We catch fish with a plastic bottle
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    Catching a fish with a plastic bottle

    The method of catching fish with a plastic bottle does not require much time and effort from you to make simple fishing gear. Such a trap can catch fish in almost all regions and in all continents where there is a river with fish. All you need is
    Container - a thermos from a plastic bottle

    Plastic bottle thermos container

    A very simple container with the effect of a thermos can be made from a plastic bottle in a short time. This homemade carries two functions: an anti-shock case for transferring fragile things, such as a camera lens and a thermos-type thermo container,
    New Year's boot

    New Year's boot

    The holiday is approaching. It's time to make presents. Package of sweets is very relevant. And if it is not a package? A wonderful boot of Santa Claus full of sweets, besides made with his own hands. Cut off the bottle neck and bottom.
    Decoration of foam plastic and plastic for the decorative rate

    Decorations from foam and plastic for a decorative rate

    Summer is a special time. Many hostesses, in addition to the daily needlework, are also accepted for the improvement of a cottage, a garden or a country site. After all, beautiful flower beds, flat beds, as well as educational grounds for summer children's fun are the same
    Basket from a plastic bottle with knitted roses

    Basket of plastic bottle with crocheted roses

    Plastic bottles, freed from their own, are the perfect material for any basis in needlework. With their help, you can shape, make a shape for a small volume, such as jewelry boxes, baskets, etc. Based on plastic
    Birds from plastic bottles
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    Birds from plastic bottles

    If you live in a private house or you have a cottage, then you must have been confronted with the desire to transform your flower bed or front garden. The easiest way is to go to the store and get a pretty little plaster figurine. Yes, she decorate your yard, but
    Container for small items

    Container for small items

    One of the most popular and useful things for hand-made production is a container for small items. There are quite a lot of initial materials from which they can be made. And each time the jars for storing all sorts of things turn out to be special, not
    Basket with a bouquet

    Basket with a bouquet

    Plastic bottles make wonderful flower arrangements. At the same time, the multicolored material does not need any decoration or additional processing. The main thing is that fantasy does not let down and in time gives multicolored ideas. For crafts
    Topiary from plastic bottles with their own hands

    Topiary made of plastic bottles with your own hands

    Topiary - a favorite for many needlewomen decoration of the hearth. The decorative tree is made out of coffee beans, napkins, cloth and other materials. I will show an example of creating a topiari from plastic bottles and pine cones. For crafts
    Flower pot from a plastic bottle

    Plastic Flower Pot

    The idea of ​​creating a flower pot from a plastic bottle cannot be called new. However, in this performance, I have not yet met the handicraft. In fact, the tank was originally intended for landing onions, which in the spring, while still in the refrigerator,
    Braided candy from plastic bottles

    Braided candy from plastic bottles

    Plastic bottles can become indispensable assistants in decorating the suburban area. Craftsmen have long learned to use waste material to decorate flowerbeds and local area. And such a wonderful wicker candy
    Napkin holder from plastic bottles

    Plastic bottle napkin holder

    What kind of holiday costs without carbonated drinks in plastic bottles? Practically it is an essential attribute of any holiday. After the festivities a lot of empty containers remain. No need to hurry to throw it away. From plastic bottles are obtained
    Vase from a plastic bottle
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    Plastic Bottle Vase

    The reason for the creation of a vase from a plastic bottle of steel flowers,made of white cellophane bags. Chrysanthemums turned out so tender and light that I had to look for options in which the flower arrangement would be in harmony with the vase.
    Bird feeders from a plastic bottle

    Plastic Bottle Feeder Bottom

    Winter is a difficult time for birds. They can find shelter from snowfall and frost, but it is more difficult to find food, especially if the snowdrifts are high. Therefore, you need to help the feathered! And the easiest way is to hang the feeders. Children in kindergartens and schools always
    Rose from a plastic bottle

    Plastic Bottle Rose

    Good day to all. Many different crafts can be made from plastic bottles. No wonder this material belongs to the waste. You can make not only a vase, a basket or a bird feeder out of it, you can also make a rose from a bottle. For
    Bottle Hedgehog

    Hedgehog from a bottle

    Good afternoon. Now many gardeners like to make their own decorations for the garden. I wanted to make a hedgehog for the garden from an ordinary plastic bottle and polyethylene, what came out of it now I will show you.

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