• Pink coat - fashion trend of the season

    Romantic and feminine pink coat is the trend of this season. And if you do not want to keep up with fashion, then be sure to get such a stylish thing, but first find out how and with what to wear it.

    Pros and cons

    If you have not yet decided whether you should buy a fashionable pink coat, then first begin to appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of this thing. You should start with the pros:

    • This is a trendy thing. If it is in your wardrobe, then you are in trend and up to date with world trends in the fashion world. Today, a pink coat is considered to be the real must have of any girl, and such models are chosen by world celebrities.
    • If your image lacks romance and lightness, then a pink coat will absolutely correct the situation and turn you into a dreamy nature.
    • This color is able to refresh the image and drastically change the overall impression about it.
    • You can and should experiment with a pink coat, so that you have the opportunity to choose among a variety of styles and shades, as well as create both romantic and calm, and bright and rebellious images.


    • Pink color can be perceived as the personification of naivety and frivolity, and such qualities are not always relevant. For this reason, some stylists believe that this range is not suitable for mature women. But brave people can quite afford unexpected experiments.
    • The coat of this color is brand-name: any contamination is noticeable almost immediately.
    • Pink color gives volume, especially its light shades. Therefore, choosing the wrong tone, you risk becoming like a marshmallow or meringue, which may look ridiculous.

    How to make the right choice?

    How to choose a pink coat that suits you and fit into your style? When buying, you should follow the following criteria:

    • Tint. The most fashionable and versatile is considered to be pale pink, which under certain lighting can be attributed to a delicate nude range or even be taken as white. This tone gives the image of charm and is not associated with deliberate naivete, as brighter shades.
    • Cut. Coat styles are many and varied, so that you can choose as an elegant and strict slim model to the knees, and modern straight or free over size.A-line and romantic coats remain popular with a flared hem that resembles a skirt-sun skirt. But only young persons and owners of a slim figure can afford the last option.
    • Material. There are many options: soft cashmere, rough drape, tweed and so on. It is interesting to look at models with fur or long nap.
    • Length. In order not to disturb the romance of the pink scale, you should not choose short coats. The optimal length is up to the knees or a little above them: in this case, you just do not freeze in cool weather and you can completely close the hem of the dress, without worrying about the fact that it will sloppy or stumble.
    • Sleeves. They can be long or shortened to ¾, equipped with locks or buttons, complemented by flounces and ruffles. The choice will depend on your preferences and style, but remember that the pink color is already self-sufficient, so you should not overload it with an abundance of additional details.
    • Decorative elements and details. These can be lace, flounces, rivets, ruffles, buttons, embroidery, rhinestones or stones. The rule of moderation is applied to the pink coat, so you should not choose a richly decorated model.

    How to wear it correctly?

    What is fashionable to wear a pink coat? There are a lot of successful options:

    1. Dress. His style will depend on the cut coat. For example, with straight outerwear, you should not wear models with a fluffy flared hem. Also, an eye-catching and blending edge will look ugly and carelessly, although a long dress can be put on under a short coat. You can choose classic case-models, tight-fitting knitted or loose sweater, romantic dresses in the style of new look and others, depending on the style and other features of the coat.
    2. Jeans. Both the dark blue and light blue and even white models will be combined with the pink coat, preferably narrowed. And with outerwear straight cut or over size harmoniously look modern boyfriends, as well as no less trendy flared jeans.
    3. With jeans under a coat, you can wear a pullover, a jumper, a youth sweatshirt or a long sleeve shirt, as well as a cool loose or slightly fitted shirt.
    4. Pants. Straight models (perhaps with pronounced strict arrows) will harmoniously look with an elegant fitted coat, and narrowed “pipes” with loose or flared ones.
    5. To complement the pants and create a feminine image, you can use an elegant blouse. But do not overdo it with the transparency and depth of the neckline, such details are unacceptable movemet that is completely incompatible with the romantic pink coat.
    6. Allow yourself a youth crop-top that will fit well with a light coat.
    7. Be sure to wear with a pink coat skirts, and the most diverse. The model can fit a model of direct cut or flared in the style of new look, a pencil.
    8. It is possible to afford a turtleneck: although such a thing is considered unfeminine, this disadvantage is more than compensated for by the pink gamut of outerwear.
    9. If you have slender legs and elastic buttocks, risk and put on leather leggings. But the fabric elastic models just will not benefit even slender beauties: in most cases they look vulgar.

    It is a responsible approach to the choice of color clothing. Black, beige, white, brown, blue, pale yellow, lilac, dark blue, purple are organically combined with pink. Prints should be restrained and romantic. These may be inconspicuous flowers, delicate peas, small geometric patterns devoid of sharp lines.

    We select shoes and accessories

    The choice of shoes will depend entirely on the style in which the coat is aged. So, with an elegant and strict it is better to wear shoes, shoes with heels, ankle boots or boots with the same sophisticated heels. Youth models successfully combine modern options: losers, oxfords and even slip-ons and sneakers.

    Completing the image and highlight its main features will allow accessories. Add a pink coat with a light stole or a handkerchief or, on the contrary, choose a three-dimensional knitted scarf. Mark the waist will allow a black strap. A refined hat will help to bring a note of elegance to the set.

    The choice of handbags starts from restrained clutches to bulk shoppers or interesting frame models. And a few brutal elements, such as spikes, rivets or metal straps, will create an interesting contrast with the romantic pink gamma.

    Let the pink coat become an integral part of your wardrobe and one of the most favorite things.

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