• Pillow - the best decoration for the sofa

    You have just completed the renovation, furnished the room with furniture and cannot understand what is missing? Or maybe you moved to a new rented apartment, which, although for the time being yours, is still uncomfortable and alien? All right, for sure, you forgot about such an important attribute of the interior and nice decor - cushion sofa!

    Sweet Home Decoration

    These not the greatest elements of home comfort can work wonders! A sofa filled with three or four cute soft pads will immediately turn into a comfortable and cozy bed that will greet you with its friendly hugs at any time of the day.

    The room, decorated in this way, instantly transforms, gets a few points to karma and pleases everyone who has the good fortune to look into it or, better still, have a rest there the whole evening.

    What is interesting, but pillows, namely as an object of decor, arose somewhat later than their fellows, which are intended exclusively for the sleep procedure.

    It is believed that the birthplace of cushions - this is the Middle East and Ancient Greece, because it was there that the locals could not imagine their home without a similar element of decor.

    As you know, the Turks rested and ate on the floor, in fact, they lacked traditional European furniture, their usual chairs and sofas were replaced, just the same, with oblong-shaped mats and pillows, which were dressed in bright and rich pillowcases.

    Knitted Creation

    In ancient Greece, however, the first really soft pillows appeared, which were stuffed with various materials, and were decorated as richly as the owners could afford. No feast or discussion of important issues was carried out without reclining on comfortable beds, which were decorated with elegant and comfortable pillows.

    Over time, cushions transformed, acquired certain shapes, sizes and decorations, they were used not only for comfortable lying, but also as a stand under the knees during long prayers, or as a device that could be attached to the legs, which often cold in the cold medieval castles.

    Modern cushions are an indispensable element of any home, the owner of which seeks for visual comfort and pleasing aesthetics.By the way, this is one of those elements of home decor, which is quite easy to do with your own hands, of course, putting a little effort, time and imagination into this.

    Sewing cushions - interesting, easy and fun.

    Of course, it is easy to go to the store and buy any pad you like, but as you know, recently everything that has been made by hand is in fashion, because in this way you can get truly unique and original options that will surely cause complete delight. households, and your guests.

    If you have any particular interior style observed at home, then it will be more difficult to choose a purchased pillow than to sew it yourself, because you can choose the color, fabric, texture and even the shape of your product!

    Best of all, there are no certain rules that force you to use certain fabrics or materials to create sofa cushions; you can choose any upholstery you like and apply it in your creation: silk, tapestry, velvet, leather, wool, felt, jeans or even canvas!

    Sew them simply

    By the way, the materials often have to be combined, but in this case, try to choose such options that are similar in their texture.Interestingly, decorative pillowcases for pillows can be sewn even from old clothes, scraps of fabric and the remaining shreds, the result is very interesting and stylish products.

    Can you crochet? Well, such a skill is perfect for creating amazing and unique knitted pillows, which you can give unusual shapes, add an interesting decor or dream up over its implementation.

    If you decide to sew yourself, you will have to think in advance about the padding, which is necessary to give a certain shape. Immediately it is worth noting that the wool is definitely not suitable for such purposes, since it quickly gets off, the pillow turns into a small pancake.

    A synthetic winterizer is a better option, especially it will be suitable if your pad is created for purely decorative purposes and nobody will use it for its intended purpose. The best option is sintepukh or firepacks that do not stick together, do not clot, are hypoallergenic and restore their shape even after washing.

    For novice needlewomen you can get by with a simpler version - for a ready-made pillow, simply sew an original pillow case.Of course, here you are limited in the shape of a pillow - only square or rectangular.

    How to make an original pillow?

    First, you need to decide on its design. Here, of course, you need all your imagination, but you should consider the whole picture of your room, so that the pillow harmoniously fit into it. For example, if your home is decorated in a modern modern style or minimalism, pillows are suitable for it plain, without motley drawings and images.

    But ethical or rustic styles require paints, pads should be made in the currently popular patchwork style (patchwork technique), batik or using national embroidery, traditional landscapes and patterns will do. The classic style of the interior takes absolutely all materials and forms, here you can choose whatever your heart desires.

    Cushion with appliqués

    One of the easiest ways to create decorative pillows, as a result of which you can get very interesting and unusual results. For it, it is necessary to prepare several materials at once: one for the cover of the pillow itself, it is better if it is light pastel colors, and several other patches that will make up the appliqué.

    The form can be different

    You can choose any picture you like, for example, we offer to depict a pretty tree that has a dark brown trunk and a lot of variegated leaves that can be cut from a variety of bright rags. The leaves should be the same shape, the trunk is large, almost the entire pillow.

    Cut out two squares of light fabric from the light fabric, which will constitute the two sides of the pillowcase (they can be different in color). Sew a tree trunk to the front side with a basting stitch and decorate it with leaves.

    When everything is ready, evaluate your work, if everything suits you, the elements of the application can be fixed by stitching them with a sewing machine on the front part of the pillowcase. When everything is ready, sew the two halves together, leave one open to fill a pillowcase or insert a ready-made pillow into it. Done!

    Instead of smooth appliqués, you can also sew convex decorations, which are also made of small pieces of fabric, each piece is twisted in a special way, sewn close to the front side of the pillow, thereby obtaining an unusual decoration.

    There is a huge variety of techniques and options.which allow you to create truly unique things, if you are interested, then gradually, you will be able to master any of them.

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