• Picture frame with decorative elements

    The first stage: cutting parts.

    We select the wooden slats of the desired length.
    Making measurements of the picture along the perimeter (2 heights and 2 widths). Using a jigsaw, cut off the extra length of the rails.
     saw off
    It turns out 4 segments.
    It turns out 4 segment

    The second stage: joining parts into a single whole.

    From the front side of the frame fasteners are made from scraps of brackets for fixing drywall Me just corners on the front and seamy side was not available). In each corner joint of the rails we twist 3 screws.
    connecting parts
    It turns out bonded to the front side of the frame frame. Different height of the rails does not matter here at all.
    The frame is turned over andfrom the back (seamy side, which will fall on the wall) the height of the rails should be flat. The joints are fastened with corners, screwing 4 screws into each.
     fasten with corners

    The third stage: form the foundation.

    Cut the flat strips of packaging cardboard. The strips should be wider by a couple of centimeters of frame slats.
     form the base
    Apply the glue" liquid nails "on the surface of the slats.
    >img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/18/1000-kleim.jpg" alt="glue" title="glue">
    On top put the strips of cardboard so that the extra the width was inside the frame (the lateral edges should be flat).
     Put cardboard strips on top
    Put the strips of cardboard on top
    The joints of the battens are joined with narrow strips of cardboard (in order to avoid stratification along the seam). We carefully press the cardboard along the entire length. We connect the joints of the rails

    The fourth stage: decorate the base frame.

    Apply the glue" liquid nails ".
    decorating the framework

    Evenly distribute it on the surface.  decorate the frame base We set up toilet paper, forming wrinkles and trying to close the entire surface of cardboard strips with it. It is not necessary to align the edges of cardboard and paper It is perfectly cut after a complete drying.  We unfold toilet paper
     We lay out toilet paper
    We cover the whole frame of the frame with paper. the decor of the front side of the frame

    The fifth stage: the decor is facial side of the frame.

    To seal the folds of toilet paper, thoroughly soak the entire surface with PVA glue (construction, liquid).
     decor of the front side of the frame
    Sushim day.After cutting off the extra edges of the paper, aligning the layers of paper and cardboard.
     decor of the front side of the frame
    Apply a thick layer of PVA on the open side edges of the rails. It turns out quality primer.
    Paint the frame with gouache
    Paint the frame with gouache "silver".
     We paint the frame with gouache
    We dry for a couple of hours depending from air temperature.
    Paint the frame with gouache
    Apply the side part of the flat brush on the ribs with dried toilet Oh paper gouache paint "gold". Drying.
     Paint the frame with gouache

    Sixth stage: paint the back side of the frame and the groove for the picture.

    On the back side, paint the frame and the groove for the picture "Silver".
    Paint the frame with gouache
     Paint the frame

    Seventh stage: we paint.

    We coat with several layers of varnish frame from the front and back sides (carefully drying each layer) Insert the picture into the groove. If the fit was done correctly, then the picture is tight and does not require additional fastening. In case of displacement, the picture can be fixed by hammering several nails along the oblique frame into the frame on the wrong side so that the cap rests against the back wall of the picture.
     Picture frame
    All! We hang the masterpiece on the wall and enjoy the admiring glances of the guests.

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