• Photoshop how to change hair color?

    Dmitry Ermolinsky
    Dmitry Ermolinsky
    December 28, 2012
    Photoshop how to change hair color?

    For someone it will sound strange, but, many consider it vital, hair color. You can change the existing photo or try to find the best shade, you can use the program Photoshop.

    Lessons in photoshop how to change hair color

    It is rather difficult to select female hair, the reason is in their form. For example, loose hair that flutters in the wind will have to, rather, for a long time, and painfully isolate. The best option in this situation is to allocate hair by hand. Select the desired photo, in which the hairstyle will be more accurate. Next, we proceed in order:

    1. Open the photo in Photoshop. Next, unlock this layer.
    2. The next step is to choose a tool. You can choose a brush with a mask, a pen or a lasso. Lasso, allows you to select small and thin strands of hair, therefore, we advise you to use this tool.

    The lasso tool is of three kinds. Normal, magnetic and polygonal.The usual lasso, for the beginner, most likely, will not work, the magnetic one often sticks to unnecessary places, and, behold, the polygonal one will work fine. This type of lasso puts dots in those places that need to be highlighted, therefore, it is best suited to understand, in Photoshop, how to change hair color, and to make mistakes here will be difficult.

    1. A picture with highlighted hair is ready. Next, create a new layer, but do not remove the selection from the hair. On the selected new layer, fill the area of ​​the selected hairstyle with any color you like. Then, make the new layer invisible. This layer may be useful to us for the correction of hair.
    2. Next, in the program menu, select Image - Adjustments - Hue / Saturation, and move the slider, and pay attention to the result. When changing the position of the slider will deliver the desired result, click on the OK button.
    3. If you press the ctrl + L, or ctrl + M buttons, the settings menu appears. By changing the position of the slider, you will notice how the shade of the hair, the contrast of the strands and the depth of the color change. All the tools that can drastically change the color of the hair are available.

    As you have noticed, it is not that difficult to change the hair color with the help of the Photoshop program.On the Internet, there are more and more online services that offer to change the color of hair, but no online program will not give the result that you do yourself.

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