• Perfume with pheromones - true or myth?

    Perfume with pheromones - true or myth?

    Everyone knows that women, in order to attract the man they like, are capable of any tricks. Along with love spells, such an interesting means as perfume with pheromones has long been used. Many have already heard that the effect of such spirits is aimed at attracting the opposite sex at the level of smells. No matter how tempting the offer, the reviews on the use of pheromone perfumes are the most controversial. Naturally, the question arises about the effectiveness of such a miracle - means.



    What are pheromones?



    Pheromones are chemicals produced by each person. These substances, affecting the subconscious level of a person, attract members of the opposite sex, contributing to the enhancement of sexual desire. In humans, the majority of pheromones are produced in the region of the armpits and nasolabial folds, affecting a small number of nasal receptors with an almost imperceptible odor.Unfortunately, in the conditions of modern life, a person almost fails to produce the required amount of pheromones, which, moreover, hardly penetrates through the smell of perfumery products.


    Perfume with pheromones




    How do perfumes work with pheromones?



    To great happiness, people have long since invented such a miracle - a means, like perfume with pheromones, which can have the necessary effect on the person you like if necessary. However, it is not known exactly which pheromones are used: human or animal. Considering that it is not so easy to find hundreds of liters of human pheromones for making perfumes, it is more logical to assume that substances of animal origin are used. Therefore, it is impossible to know exactly what effect such spirits will have on a particular person and will they even have any? It is possible that they will attract someone, and someone will push him away ... At present, pheromone perfumes have become quite popular. They can be purchased at almost any pharmacy or store, and all sorts of unscrupulous manufacturers use it. Therefore, acquiring the coveted bottle, think once again - do you really feel welcome only for 199 rubles? It is possible that no. Such perfumes may, in fact, contain no pheromones or, at best, contain very small amounts of the necessary substances.



    Perfume with pheromones - true or myth?


    Some facts about the effects of perfumes with pheromones:




    • Many people believe that the smell of pheromones is absent. This is not true. In fact, the fragrance is, but very weak and almost invisible.
    • Pheromones, once in the air, dissolve extremely quickly, so they have an unstable effect.
    • As a result of human use of artificial pheromones, the production of natural pheromones can be reduced almost to a minimum.
    • It is not recommended to buy spirit-based pheromone perfume, as it is definitely a fake. It has long been known that pheromones are destroyed under the influence of alcohol.

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