• Side job in a taxi

    Please advise the novice taxi driver how to protect yourself in this area? At the moment, for me it is an additional income. I can work only at night. There is a private car, I don’t know Moscow well. Who is not difficult, share recommendations on how to insure yourself against unforeseen situations.
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    Answered on September 3 15:04
    Choose an employer who will cherish their staff. In Moscow, there are various taxi services that impose certain rules of transportation, thereby protecting their employees from unscrupulous customers. For example, look at the conditions for connecting to the Geth Taxi system. Pay attention to such services that provide the driver around the clock technical support.
    Answered on September 3 15:15
    Any job has its own risks. From unscrupulous customers no one, in any field of services is insured. Do not be afraid, formalize and work.
    Answered on September 3, 15:20
    It is very important not to catch customers on your own. It is better and safer to work officially. Many people think that taxing yourself is much more profitable, but this is a myth.

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