• 3D paper hearts for decoration

    Paper 3D hearts for decoration- paper hearts of different sizes, a great way to decorate, for example, walls, paintings, etc. on Valentine's Day or creating a romantic atmosphere.

    Materials and tools:

    1. colored paper;
    2. printer;
    3. glue.

    Step 1

    Download the template, print it on a colored paper printer. Hearts on the template of the traditional form with a strip for cutting in the middle, which allows you to make the heart volume. Cut the required number of hearts and cut the hearts in the middle, where it is marked with a stripe.

    Step 2

    Take the heart, slightly bend the inner edges, apply a little glue (or use a double-sided adhesive tape) and glue the edges together - the heart turns out to be convex. We perform these steps with the required number of hearts.

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