• Painting children's t-shirts

    Original prints in clothes are still in fashion. To keep up with trends, it is not necessary to leave a lot of money in the store. Enough to have the desire and to think creatively. With the help of paint on the fabric, you can create the desired print. Also, using a brush and paints, you can transform not only clothes, but also hide the defect on the fabric. The creative drawing in the form of seals on a children's T-shirt will help create an individuality, as well as hide hardly, but still noticeable, "handwriting" from the handle. In order to draw colored cats we will need: • Acrylic paints on fabric., • Brushes (№1 and №2). • • Cardboard. • Scissors. • Jar with With water. 1. We fold the cardboard sheet in half and draw a half of the “heart”.
     Painting Children's T-Shirts
    2.Cut out the Heart.
    Painting children's t-shirts
    3. We apply it to the T-shirt and gently wrap One black gel pen. 4 We start drawing cats already on the shirt itself. For a start, you can practice on a simple sheet and only then transfer the pattern to the fabric.
     Children's T-shirt painting
    5.Inside the T-shirt you need to put a sheet of paper so that the pen and paint do not blot the other side T-shirts.
     Painting children's t-shirts
    6.After all the seals are painted, it is necessary to color the drawing. As a children's t-shirt, we suggest you colorize cats in different colors. It is better to fill with color from left to right (for right-handers) or from top to bottom, so as not to accidentally smudge a drawing with a hand.
     Children's T-shirt painting
    7. When the paint on the cloth dries, you need to draw in white eyes.
     Painting children's t-shirts
    8.We draw a heart out from the black outline. It is best to do this with a special circuit (this will be smoother), but if it does not,then a thin brush will work.
    Painting children's t-shirt
    9. When the black outline is dry, you can circle the heart with a colored outline, for example, orange. Choose your own color.
     Painting children's t-shirts
    10.After all the outlines have dried, we begin to trace the cats in black and draw their faces.
    Painting children's t-shirts
    11. After 5-6 hours, the pattern must be ironed through gauze or thin fabric.
     Painting etskoy shirts
    12.Cherez day after pat t-shirt you need to wash. It is worth noting that hand-made prints are only erased manually and at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees! Pressing a T-shirt after washing should be very careful. Strongly crush clothes can not. When the T-shirt dries, you need to iron it again through the fabric.
     Painting children's t-shirts
     Painting children's t-shirts
    Spending a minimum of time,You will please your child with a wonderful T-shirt with an original pattern!

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