How to make a face massage with silver spoons

How to make a face massage with silver spoons Today, massage with spoons is practiced even in beauty salons. A simple technique makes it possible to perform self-massage in, master the skill will be possible with the help of video tutorials posted on the.

Tip 3: How to make your legs thin

Tip 3: How to make your legs thin How to understand that I started to get sick A healthy body can not just get sick. For the occurrence of the disease must be certain factors. The most common cause of a cold is hypothermia.

Stewed cabbage with mushrooms

Stewed cabbage with mushrooms You will need -150 g cabbage - 3 medium carrots, - 100 g of thick tomato juice, - 200 g of champignons, - 1-2 tsp. Sahara, - butter, - a few leaves of basil (or a pinch of dried basil.

What are the good vitamins

What are some good vitamins? Vitamins are essential for the vital activity of our body organic compounds with high biological activity. In the body, the vitamins are not synthesized, therefore, we must get them with food. It is accepted to divide vitamins into two.

How to calculate the interest rate

How to calculate the interest rate You will need - calculator. Instruction Calculate simple interest on the deposit to the bank. This interest rate is calculated at the end of the term. For the calculation, it is necessary to multiply the value of the.

What is best to eat for breakfast

What is best to eat for breakfast? ^^ ��������������������������������There are 4 answers ������������Vioria ledi Makimov ������������Answered on November 18, 2014 20:46 "Eat breakfast yourself," so breakfast is a must-have meal. The question is what kind of breakfast will be useful for the body. If.

How to install Windows from a DVD drive

How to install Windows from a DVD drive Instruction Change the BIOS polling order of the devices so that the DVD drive is in a queue higher than the hard disk of your computer. To do this, you must initiate a reboot and wait.

8 juicy jokes for a gorgeous mood all day

8 juicy jokes for a chic mood for the whole day! Photo source: Who said that laughter is distracting and makes it difficult to work? Lie, do not believe it! Those same scientists to whom we constantly refer, gelotologi who study laughter, day.

Why do eggs are painted on Easter

Why are eggs painted on Easter? Alexander Sizarov January 11, 2013 For all Christian believers, Easter (as well as this holiday is called the Resurrection of Christ) is one of the most important holidays, the main holiday of the liturgical year. In addition to.

How to avoid fractures

How to avoid fractures You will need - sesame; - Oxidevit; - Calcium sandoz; - calcium asset; - eggs; - lemons. Instruction To avoidfracturesFirst of all, take calcium rich foods. This is low-fat cottage cheese and milk, hard cheese, vegetables, greens, celery, nuts and.

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